Friday, November 07, 2008

Poetic Family

Christmas is around the corner and it's time to buy presents for friends and loved ones! It's been a tradition for my family to sit around by the Christmas tree for a gift-exchange session on Christmas day. However, it's been a 'headache' for most cause we have to crack our head with what to buy for each other for Christmas! So, my 2nd sister took the initiative to request for a 'wishlist' from all of us to make life simpler!

So, this 'poetic' thing started from my dad.. When some of us just list what we want, my father posted this in his email

This is what I want for Christmas:-

They are neither too cheap nor expensive,
With them I can climb roof and jog the track,
They provide fun and keep me occupied,
Anything to keep my feet and hands busy are most welcome
But not too much for my brain.

Actual I don't really know what I want
But anything from the heart will be most appreciated,
I still prefer the element of surprise.

And Grace happily 'deciphered' the email with

They are neither too cheap nor expensive, => Good introduction to a riddle
With them I can climb roof and jog the track, => Read between the lines - LADDER and JOGGING SHOES
They provide fun and keep me occupied, => Here, he starts to become clueless of what he wants
Anything to keep my feet and hands busy are most welcome => Resembles tools, DIY, anything interesting to do/fix/put together
But not too much for my brain. => NO BOOKS, PEOPLE!
=> Good use of paragraphing
Actual I don't really know what I want => Being honest, only knows he wants ladder and jogging shoes
But anything from the heart will be most appreciated, => Sweeet
I still prefer the element of surprise.=> Nice ending to riddle...that it remains a riddle!

And this is where it all started......
I continued on with

My Christmas wishlist prepares me for what everyone is but me;
Something comfortable to fit in AND easy to walk in.
Something that teases the brain or meets the eye;
As long as it is handy, it is fine.

But frankly speaking, it doesn't really matter,
Christmas is just once a year.
Memories are already worth to remember,
Just as long as we're together.

To which Alice, my 2nd sister replied with

Ai yo yo, our SAI family
why now all gila with po-e-try
Just tell us what you guys really mean
So that we won't buy gifts that end up in the bin!

Your poems and riddles are all so long
Your gift will be a laugh if we interpret it wrong
If read carefully the wish is actually just one or two
Who to buy them?----cheng, grace, james or choo!

Ha ha. We have a crazy family.
By the way, Pa, can I borrow your Xmas tree?
Confirm we are all chi sin
Sure will freak out poor Yin Sin
Ya, I can get a free Christmas tree
If you'll be so kind to chop one down for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And my brother, James replied with

Why borrow the Christmas Tree?,
When you usually get things for free,
Who says we are crazy,
Actually we are funny,

Just buy things from the list,
So that you will not miss,
Make sure it's a christmas present,
That will make us pleasant.

Until this email is a mess.
Yeah poor Yin Sin,
Sorry if we are chee sin,
You need not to worry,
You'll get use to us slowly.

Chopping of christmas tree is bad,
That will make mother nature sad,
Go get your own tree,
As it may only cost a minimum fee.

All this email is Papa's fault,
Soon this will be a crazy blog,
All this seems fun,
But time is short and I have to run,

Until next time,
I'll update the list of mine.

Where I replied with

All this replies make me laugh,
It'll just make email writing a lil' tough.
I can't wait to be home for Christmas,
Exam stress will make my head burst...

I still have assignments to hand in today,
And my first paper will start next Thursday.
I heard Grace is following yiche to Bali,
At that time, my semester ends - like finally!! =D

And my dad again...

Why borrow a tree that is old
Buy one that can be used over and over
Ask Santa n he will provide one
If you insist, I will provide one.

It is nice to have a change
Just like USA vote for change
Poetry is soul for the body
Keep it up for a funny family.

If list is given straight
Who can guarantee that it will not duplicate
Poetry is from the heart
Guess n buy right will be a delight.

And now everyone is replying in poetry style... lol...
Crazy family of mine... hahaha


Elaynne said...

This is damn freaking cool!!! hahahahahahahha I love familiessssssss........
OO and yin sin is joining for Christmas????? That's so fun!! ahahahhahahahahahahh

Somehow I wish my family celebrates christmas too!!

Licia said...

omg gabby! ur family is so cute!! =D

haha.. can't wait to disturb u all again on christmas
bring yin sin!! =D we all want to meet her too =D
i can see that ur family likes her a lot too!!!!! =D

Tammy said...

wow... the only things on my mind now are my finals...but i cant wait for the xmas sales! -evil grin-