Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm too hot!

Well, not exactly hot.. I'm just heaty...
Think I've consumed too much chocolates (a few varieties), snacks and coffee (I even mixed chocolates into the coffee) in one day and now, my throat is killing me!! I've been brewing my trusted "Ah Poh Cha" which helps reduces heatiness, fever, etc.!

It's my cure it all when I'm sick... cough, fever, sore throat. (except flu of course, there's still no known cure for it)

If this fails, my next best friend is Fisherman's Friend! The extra strong version.
Fisherman's Friend (by hwayoungjung)

And by any chance the bacteria is insanely strong, well.. I'll have to resort to antibiotics then. =/ Fastest and most efficient way to kill germs; but not so good for your immune system (in general) AND your wallet.

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