Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Do you know?

that Mild Fevers are actually "good for your health"?

Fever is part of our bodies' defense mechanism. When we are fighting an infection, our body temperature rises

As our white blood cells increase in number, like an army to fight the germs, they go faster and faster attacking the germs, this causes our bodies to heat up, thus causing the fever or rise in body temperature.

A temperature of 100 to 101 degrees Farenheit is good for the body because it shows that the body is fighting the infection. However, if a fever goes too high, measures must be taken to bring the fever down a bit
quoted from essortment
I finally fell sick and resorted to get medication from NTU's medical centre (which they charged me SGD$20.35 for a cough syrup, lozenges and flu pills).

I wasn't having fever at that time but by the time I came back to hall and took a nap, my fever start kicking in. My gf was with me at that time and instinctively, I told her that I want to brew the trusted "herbal tea" to lower down my body temperature to which my gf objected on. Told me that fever is good... I was like "what?!" and she slowly explained to me how the immune system works while we're having fever... haha.. I wasn't really convinced until she showed me some articles from websites (here)

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