Friday, November 21, 2008


It's the midst of examinations and it's this time of 'season', that I'll stay more with the computer and get distracted while I study...

Over the past years, I've been distracted mainly by organizing my song collection, picture collection, play with widgets, desktop icons, online calendars, etc.

So, what did I do this time round?

  • Explored and used a software called Minilyrics where it displays and searches lyrics of songs automatically! Works across multiple multimedia-platforms. Very powerful piece of software.
  • Completed Red Alert 3 for all three factions
  • Explored microblogging websites such as Twitter and Plurk (using them both now, but I think plurk is slightly better of a service)
  • Semi-migrated to Google (where I started using Google Reader, iGoogle and Google Calendar) in case Yahoo! dies off..
  • Facebooked with my form 5 classmates after one of them posted pictures back in form 5 days...

Basically about it.. for the past er.. 3-4 weeks.
Damn, I had exams!!

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