Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coffee helps you shit

Coffee has two virtues:  it is wet and warm. (by sharaff)

I just found out that coffee actually helps us shit!!

I tried googling more information about it but couldn't find any concrete scientific reasons behind it.. But there's lots of questions from all over the world asking why coffee makes you shit.

After surfing more on the web.. I realized that coffee ain't so bad after all.. It may even help prolong life!! =/

Harvard School of Public Health researchers looked at coffee drinking and the risk of dying from heart disease, cancer or any other cause. They found that people who drank more coffee were less likely to die during 18 years of follow-up in men, and 24 years of follow-up in women.

from Coffee not a killer - and may protect women: study
and another article states that

Coffee drinking may lower your risk of colon cancer by up to 25 percent because of its ability to help keep you regular.

Two observational studies found that regular coffee intake reduced the risk of developing kidney stones.

People with asthma who drink coffee can have up to 25 percent fewer symptoms because one of the compounds in coffee - theophylline - acts as a bronchodilator.

Other diseases that coffee may help prevent: cirrhosis of the liver, Parkinson’s disease, skin cancer, and gallstones.

from Coffee is no longer a health villain
But whatever it is, it all say that we shouldn't drink coffee excessively but 2-4 cups a day won't be detrimental to our health.

+1 for coffee!


Elaynne said...


Yes coffee makes u shit.. haha
it works for me..
Teh peng even better...
but its bad to rely on it to make u shit..

Gabriel said...

haha.. is that why you always order teh peng?
so you can shit better? hahah

kanki said...

my friend always said that coffee helps him to chase away the depressing shitless day! ha ha.