Sunday, October 19, 2008

Migration from Yahoo to Google

I was browsing and surfing around the net yesterday and wanted to try something new.

It started from blogger's "Blogs that I read". I thought of subscribing to those since it kinda looks more 'organized'. From there, there was a link to "Google Reader" and I went there.. and started playing with it. It's basically an RSS reader but a much more organized one. Previously, I was using "My Yahoo" where I organize all my feeds including news and friend's blogs. But after seeing what Google Reader can do, I officially made it my "default" information reader. It's really much more user friendly and faster too!

After that, there was the embedding Google Reader into iGoogle. It's basically the incorporation of Google Search Website and something similar with My Yahoo. I was thinking whether to use it and after much consideration, I decided to replace My Yahoo with iGoogle since whatever I have inside My Yahoo can now be found from Google Reader. It's that good. Much faster than My Yahoo. Probably the only things I miss from My Yahoo is my Yahoo Mailbox Preview and my Yahoo Calendar.

Which leads to the next thing; Calendar. Currently, I organize all my events, birthday reminders, meetings and such in Yahoo Calendar. I started using Yahoo Calendar back in 2004 if I'm not wrong. So, I decided to see what Google Calendar offers and to my amazement, it kinda beats Yahoo Calendar.

Firstly, Google Calendar is able to let you use multiple calendars where you can separated your calendars to categories like "work", "personal", "birthdays", etc and can set different colors for different calendar views.

Google Calendar is also much faster than Yahoo Calendar.

They have intelligent time detection where you can just write "Meeting 7pm tomorrow"

Not only that, Google Calendar is able to send reminders to my Mobile for FREE! How nice of them.

Too bad the only thing that is not letting me migrate fully from Yahoo to Google is that my primary email is still Yahoo. All my emails are sent to Yahoo! and Gmail is er.. well, storage for me. Maybe next time if you want to send email to me, you can send it at =)
I'll still be able to check that email as I can see my inbox preview inside iGoogle.

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