Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Family Trip - Cameron Highlands

This Cameron Trip is one of the very rare COMPLETE FAMILY trip since many years ago. Normally, one or two of my siblings won't be free as they have their own important affairs but not this time. This time, EVERYONE made it back for the family trip! including me! I have to skip my classes cause Singapore only has one-day Raya Holiday. Sucks..

Anyway, this Cameron Trip consists of ALL my nuclear family, my eldest aunty and her daughter, and all my nephews and nieces; except for my eldest nephew as he has to prepare for his SPM Examinations. Coincidentally, all spouses of my siblings were not able to make it; so, it's just US! =)

We rented a bungalow at Tanah Rata at one of the hill's peak.

The bungalow house (by P3rSeUs)

It's a 3-storey bungalow with 3 sections. My family took the furthest one towards the end. The first storey is where the dining table and kitchen is.

The dining table (by P3rSeUs)

The 2nd storey is another living room furnished with Astro and bedrooms for everyone. It consists of one master bedroom, one very big room and lots of locked rooms. haha
The TV area (by P3rSeUs)

This is the multipurpose room where my mum, all my sisters and my nieces/nephews will sleep. Me, my brother and my dad has to sleep on the 3rd storey; where it only has 3 mattresses and a couch
The ladies' room (by P3rSeUs)

So, what places did we go in Cameron Highlands you may ask? Basically, no where!! We just loitered in the house to chill and relax.

These are the only outdoor activities that we have done.

Visiting the Tea Plantation
Tea Plantation (by P3rSeUs)

Rosemary and her daughter, Marielle
Going down the tea plantation (by P3rSeUs)

Tea Time at the tea plantation
Tea Time!

Playing at the playground
Playing catch (by P3rSeUs)

Monkey bars (by P3rSeUs)

Other than that... again, we just chill out!

We laze around the bed...
Rise and Shine (by P3rSeUs)

Play cards
Play cards (by P3rSeUs)

The kids (by P3rSeUs)

Play sparkles
Playing with Sparkles (by P3rSeUs)

Sparkles (by P3rSeUs)

And of course, there are also the 'workers' who do the kitchen chores and feed the youngs. haha

Preparing food (by P3rSeUs)

We had steamboat for one night
Steamboat (by P3rSeUs)

and BBQ for another night!
BBQ (by P3rSeUs)

My sister brought back jumbo size german sausages!! It's sooo gooodd!! especially with mustard. Actually, the sausages shown here are from 3 different countries; Austria (Vienna), Germany and Switzerland
German Sausages (by P3rSeUs)

Grilled Sausages (by P3rSeUs)

Oh, and the weather there? It's bloody cold! It rained everyday throughout our stay. Can even see the clouds outside the house.
Mist (by P3rSeUs)

Clouds outside (by P3rSeUs)

Overall, it's something that's worth skipping all my classes even if it means that I have lots more work to catch up. A truly de-stressing event in the midst of my final year education.


√Éngelu§ said...

Hey what camera were you using again? The photos look quite sharp here.

Either that or maybe my monitor is really quite 'keng' to bring out the sharpness of photos lol ^_^

Gabriel said...

lol.. maybe it's both?
you have a good monitor and i have a good camera.. hahah

I'm using a Canon 400D. =)

√Éngelu§ said...

I see, thx 4 the info.

But I guess credit should be given to the photographer as well :) Cheers!