Monday, October 13, 2008

23rd Birthday Celebration

My birthday is at the end of the month *coughs*27th*coughs* but it was celebrated earlier with elaynne (link contains her account of the event), wai seng, yi wang, de zien, shaun and yin sin together with zhi sin's birthday.

I was told that it's a birthday celebration for Zhi Sin ONLY and I was to be at Wai Seng's room at 6pm. We're gonna have pizza for dinner, talk and will last until very late.

So, I was there at 6pm to see De Zien sitting at the staircase. So, I joined him there and asked him why isn't he inside. And he told me it's a loong story and better wait for Elaine to fill me in. okayyy.. after a while, Zhi Sin came along. We walked our way towards Wai Seng's room only to be denied entry. Okay.. Fine, I thought. They wanted to forfeit Zhi Sin or something.

Next thing I know, I have to follow Zhi Sin to look for a location sent in Wai Seng's MMS. Okay... I now have to accompany Zhi Sin.. There were props at the location and next thing we knew, they wanted BOTH of us to pose with the props and dance to some music! hahah.. Like hell we would!! especially the dance part.. hahah

So, Zhi Sin was mooned them and I just happily stood there listening to Zhi Sin argue with them.. haha.. Let him do the 'dirty job' negotiating.. =P

Eventually, we "won" the negotiation and collected parcels from Wai Seng and Elaine's mailboxes; our birthday gifts.


We had Munchkins as our gifts!! I got the original Munchkin and Zhi Sin got Munchkin Bites! whahaha.. now we can play munchkins whenever we want.... =D

Munchkin Gifts (by P3rSeUs)

Later, we had marble-cheese cake (the birthday cake), Sarpino's Pasta and Oishin's Pizza!
Familiar? We had pizza from the same place for my birthday the year before... But their pizzas and pastas are nice.... =)

Oishi Pizza (by P3rSeUs)

Sarpino's Seafood Pasta (by P3rSeUs)

We ate till we couldn't fit anymore stuff in our stomach and played Munchkins from 830pm till 330am!! Amazing.. hahah..

Birthday Cake (by P3rSeUs)

Thanks guys for the celebration! Appreciate it.. =)

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