Friday, September 26, 2008

A special day with a special someone

Although it's not the official day, it's a day to celebrate me and yin sin's 1 year of our relationship. It's not really easy to maintain a relationship with someone. This is by far the longest relationship I'm involved in.

Anyway, we took the opportunity during our recess week and celebrate it a week earlier. Tried to avoid the soon-to-be humongous crowd over the weekend due to the F1 Street Race and odd hours traveling around Singapore is fun! No human traffic. No crowd... =D

So, we left in the morning and headed towards City Hall. I wanted to bring her to the Singapore Flyer but not wanting her know. We walked from City Hall, to Esplanade, across the F1 circuit heading to middle of nowhere but actually, towards the Singapore Flyer. By the time we reached there, I told her that we'll just go in to take a look around and before she even realizes it, I was handing the ticket for the security clearance. lol..

As I was saying, there was no human traffic and both of us got the entire capsule all to ourselves!! That's where I gave her her gift. The view was quite good and there's no human hindrance for the windows!

Singapore Flyer (by P3rSeUs)

Esplanade from high above (by P3rSeUs)

At the top (by P3rSeUs)

We also got a glimpse to some of those luxurious cars in the event of the F1 Night Race

Lamborghini (by P3rSeUs)

F1 cars (by P3rSeUs)

F1 cars (by P3rSeUs)

After that, we had lunch at Carl's Jr (Yin Sin hasn't tried it before) and watched an afternoon movie at Marina Square; Mamma Mia! The songs in the movie are very nice! But I find the storyline so-so.. But the songs are nice.. haha

We shopped for a bit; walked a bit; ate & drank a bit... Then it's off to Ma Maison for dinner! Yin sin loved the place. Service was good and we went at the right time. 30min after we went in, the restaurant is full house!

We had escargots (she never tried it before)

Escargots (by P3rSeUs)

I had Beef with Butter Rice (Beef Stroganoff with Omu Rice)
Beef Stroganoff with Omu Rice (by P3rSeUs)

Yin Sin had some spaghetti that I can't remember the name
Ma Maison (by P3rSeUs)

After dinner, we just strolled around Clarke Quay area and walked all the way back to Raffles Place via Boat Quay. Such a fun and relaxing day... =)


√Éngelu§ said...

Hey Congrats bud! Yalor what did you give her lah? A ring? A proposal *gasp* ? A Transformers toy (she hasn't seen before)? [haha, sorry just noticing you're doing everything she hasn't tried before]

Also LOL cos you did everything with a 'MA' in it: MArina square, MAmMA mia, MA MAison. Planned one issit? ^_^

Gabriel said...

haha... wow...
good observation.. all "MA"s
It's all coincidental.. Do you think it's a sign or something? Then, should have went back to MAlaysia to do it instead eh? hahah

anyway, I got her a photo frame.. with a personalized photo created by yours truly. It's basically a compilation of our past memories throughout the year.. It's packed nicely in a box with potpourri inside. Yea.. so... hahah

√Éngelu§ said...

Awww, sho shweet ^_^ But good on you!!

ViNcenT said...

Haha..once I saw that butter rice, i knew it;s from ma maison.

Licia said...

omg.. gabby's romantic bone at work ;)

she's a lucky girl.. our gabby has grown to be so loyal liao =3 LOL

raedarling said...

awww....its so romantic, especially the part where u secretly took her to the flyer. gratz!