Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It's the recess week now and it's time to take some time off from everything!

I've spent the weekends in KL to see my 2nd sister's new house in gombak and my brother's new house in Desa ParkView @ Kepong.

My sis house is very nice! A 3 storey terrace house.. First storey is where the living room and kitchen is. 2nd storey is where all the rooms are and 3rd storey is the family room where it has its own tv, couches and a pantry filled with snacks!
And my brother's house.. the landscaping is verrry nice.... the community is nice.. the place is nice.. it's like staying in a resort..

it's nice to just chill out with the family. Play with my nieces, loiter around watching tv and finding things to munch on. Those are just the two days over the weekend.

Left with another 2 more days in ipoh.. I spent the entire day today running errands in ipoh; go to the bank, cut my hair, photocopy books, buy bus tickets... then spend the evening onlining and sleeping... Met up with euwen at night for a light snack. It's been quite a long time since I last went out with him.. pretty fun... but too bad was only for a while.. my stomach was quite full to fit stuff in. only went to eat ngou lam mee. Come back, see what's on tv... and if there's nothing nice.. online! had a nice time chatting though.. been quite a while to have crazy fun chats.. lol... oh well, back in ntu..won't have lots of time for all these... =/

one more day to be at home. i wonder what will it be for me.. stay at home and just do nothing for the entire day? or go out and see what's new in town..?

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