Thursday, September 04, 2008

Project Intensive Semester

This semester, it's all about projects. Even most of my CAs are projects. By the end of the month, I have lots of deadlines to meet... Not to mention the continuous effort that I have to put in for my FYP and HRM..

Here's a list of what's installed for me this semester.

  1. Computer Security Assignment (CA)
    - Literature Review on any Computer Security related system
    - Due 19 Sept

  2. Database Systems Assignment (CA)
    - create an E-R Model for my FYP
    - I've no idea how to start on this cause my FYP doesn't use any database
    - Due 24 Sept

  3. Web Application Design Project
    - create a Java intensive program which uses Java Servlets, JSP, JDBC for a real life issue

  4. Digital Image Processing Assignment (CA)
    - more details will be given to us next week
    - an example given by lecturer (with reference to Stamford undergrad assignment):
        Design a face detection algorithm. By the end of the day, student who are able to detect the most number faces of a picture (which will only be known on the day of evaluation) will get the most marks.

  5. Human Resource Management
    - presentation on 18 Sept
    - yet to interview customers and tabulate data for strategy canvass

  6. Software Engineering CA
    - to be studied for next Tuesday

  7. Final Year Project
    - Basically, it's literature review now. Have to study and understand more on Bispectrum Analysis.

Does this mean I will have less free time now? *sigh*

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