Monday, September 01, 2008

MSA Merdeka Night 2008

Shall start reminisce a bit..

Merdeka Night 2005
The theme was Back to School and we had to dress up in our high school uniforms. Was my first year as a freshie and it was quite alright i think.

Merdeka Night 024 (by P3rSeUs)

Merdeka Night 05 (by P3rSeUs)

Merdeka Night 2006
The theme was Mazquerade and I was the Chief Programmer at that time along with Xian Ching and Lai Fai. It was something different for MSA as it now involves more 'sophistication' rather than just gather and hang out. The venue was very nicely done and It's more performance intensive with just a few games due to restriction of dress-code.

Merdeka Night 2007
The theme was "Colours of Malaysia" and people come in the colours found in the Malaysia Flag. I was in the dance performance "Rokkugoh". I think it was quite good.. and the 'final year' sketch was pretty commendable. In general, I didn't really enjoy it that much cause I don't really have any strong memories regarding it. Maybe just a game where we have to pass bananas in between our legs... =/

Rokkugoh Dancers (by P3rSeUs)

Merdeka Night 2008
The theme this year is Musical!. Participants are to dress up to one of the 4 genres, i.e. Rock, Oldies, Hip Hop and Jazz.

Again, I was in a performance that resembles "Stomp" where we make music out of household items; pails, wok chan, cups, spoon, fork

Personally, I think the dance was great, the "Melaka Merdeka" sketch was also great and of course, the Stomp Performance! It'll be my last performance and participation as a MSA member.
Over the past few years, I think I was pretty active in MSA.

  • MSA Main Comm for Publicity and Publications for 2 years
  • GL for FOC 2006
  • Chief Programmer for Merdeka Night 2006
  • Programmer for FOC 2007
  • SA for FOC 2008
  • Performed for ICFF for 2 years.

Can't really remember the other details....

Okay, back to topic....
That day itself, I didn't know what to wear for Merdeka Night 08'. Was chatting with De Zien during rehearsal and spontaneously, we decided to SUIT UP for the day where we pakat with Zhi Sin, Wai Seng and Yi Wang too!

And here's the result.

Wai Seng and I (by P3rSeUs)

Also, I had to change to a different entire for my performance.

My other 'costume'

Cool dude and dudette (by P3rSeUs)

Merdeka Night (by P3rSeUs)

Below is the performance video by us.... =)

Overall, this year's Merdeka Night was quite good. Too bad, can't see how the other coming Merdeka Nights will be.


Licia said...

wow.. i never thought that i would live to see the day u dress so "yeng"-ly =D
nice hip hop style ;)

raedarling said...

yeah i had fun during merdeka nite!! hope next year will be as good, if not better!

Gabriel said...

licia: haha.. think Ipoh will never wear like that gua.. lol.. maybe unless play sports la.. go out wear like that?? almost never... hahah

Gabriel said...

yes Rachel..

You can perform next year.. and who knows? it might turn out to be one of the best? hahah