Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How to find love?

I read this in Edy Chandra's Facebook and I thought it's something worth sharing.
Enjoy. =)

A philosophy student once asked his teacher how he could find his LOVE and be sure of it? The teacher then brought him to a garden with lots of trees. He said "Go inside the garden, and pick a stick that you think the finest, most appealing and supportive. But you can only choose and pick one. If u decide to go pass one and move on..then you are not allowed to go back and pick it later. You can only go forward and decide once you see the one you want. Plain and simple!"

The student then stepped in. He first found a good one, but he thought he would get a better one if he went further. He passed the first one. Then he sighted the second one, but he decided to pass and go further expecting to get a better one. He kept repeating doing this until he got to the end of the garden, but with no single stick with him. Then he realized that he had walked passed hundreds of good sticks and every single of them has its own uniqueness. But he didn't pick one because he always compared the real one with the imaginary one. That's why he failed to choose and pick one for himself.

The moral of the story is:
Finding LOVE is plain and simple as long as you have your feet stepped on earth. Don't try to compare the one you have found with the one in your head. Cause you'll never find it..........


sEnGz said...

Read bout this many times... but the moral of the story still applies..... =)

I'm deciding to pick a new one di *lolx*

Gabriel said...

haha.. yea.. but sooner or later.. you'll reach the end of the line.. =P