Monday, September 15, 2008

Can't wait to go home

The one week break is nearing~!! with only 4 more days of schooling...
I don't really feel like the holidays are coming.

On Wednesday, I have to have a progress update for my FYP in which, I'm kind of stuck now (trying to know and understand how to deal with bispectrum analysis);
On Thursday, I have a HRM presentation where I'm waiting to be 'shot at';
Next Wednesday is the Database Assignment that I have not start yet;
And my Web Application Design where I have to come out with something by the end of next week.

I can't wait to go back this weekend to just get away from all these. Go visit my siblings' new houses; and the Raya Week, a family trip at Cameron Highlands!! I'm gonna skip my Thursday and Friday classes for that cause stupid Singapore only has 1 day holiday instead of 2 days back in Malaysia.

When I'm back, I'm gonna eat lots of mooncakes and sleep like a log..


Elaynne said...

Huh? U go home for one week then come back for two days then go home again???

Licia said...

eh! when's ur break leh?
mine's during the raya T_T

Gabriel said...

elaynne: no lar.. I go back for a few days only during the 1 week break. Should be coming back on Tuesday/Wednesday

licia: My break is next week lor.. for one week.. but only for a few days.. =(