Friday, August 01, 2008

Perception towards Photography

In general, there are two types of photography. One is the type where you take snapshots of people around you, events or memories that you want to capture or to be recorded. Another type is the 'artist' where a person turns a dull looking object into an art with different framing and post processing.

I suppose most photographers are the latter ones. They see something, they want to capture it, process it, turn it into an art. It's like the olden day artists. Instead of visualizing something and using a brush to paint it, photographers use technologically advanced tools or software to manipulate light and picture content which are now called post-processing.

Of course for me, I'd like to deal with those kind of pictures. On the extreme side is abstract photography. It's how an artist would like to express himself/herself from a picture. The thoughts and emotions that are capsuled in a single form of abstract picture.

But, the very first reason I take photographs is so that I can capture memories. Images of beings that have been in my life.

Christmas 2004. The atmosphere and ambience that was in my house. The happy faces, the guests, the kids; friends that I now lost contact with; the youth of my family and parents; the food that we had.

That is what is important to me. 30 years down the road, when I would look back to my pictures. Would I see the artistic form of photographs that I have created? Or would I see the pictures of people that have been in my life? Places that I have been. Things that I have done.

I constantly have this internal conflict of taking photography to create a masterpiece of art or just mainly capturing memories. However, Justin, a good friend of mine in my photography friends said that Ultimately, it's all for personal satisfaction. Therefore I suppose for now, I'd still stick to capturing memories and to capture moments. Maybe next time, I may have a different thinking and approach towards photography? Who knows.

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