Thursday, August 21, 2008

First round of HRM

After complaining about HRM in my previous post; here are some details and experiences as to how me and my group fought the first tutorial..

Our first tutorial requirements were these:

  1. Establish cold contacts with a business organization and collect information and data through interviews with its senior managers.
  2. Understanding its current and future business environments.
  3. Identify and specify its industry/industry segment and (at least) 3 competitors.
  4. Identifying the value elements offered by the company through its products/services to customers.
  5. Visit the competitors - do the competitors identify each other as competitors?
  6. Implications for its human resource management.
We started by using approx 3 hours on Friday to survey the different shops in JP; attempting to interview managers of shops there. Most of the managers were not around at that time though. Some are just chains and have to contact their HQ for such things. We worked our way from the basement level all the way to the top floor. We avoided those very big companies.

Finally, we manage to get our hands on an Indonesian Shop called "House of Jamu" and interviewed the shop owner there.

We also spent about 2.5 hours on Sunday for a group meeting; Another 2-3 hours on Monday and from 4.5 hours (fr 730pm to 12 midnight) on Wednesday!!

For a 3AU course... it became a more than 10Au course.. lol

Anyway, presentation was Thursday and unfortunately for my tutorial group, our tutor is non other than Michael Heng, the coordinator of the course, the very demanding tutor, the person who chops our legs so that we can learn how to fly.

There were 4 groups in my class, 4 groups to present. My group was the 2nd group to present.
The supposedly presentation time for each grp is 15min. First group presented for almost an hour. For each unsatisfactory point in the eyes of Uncle Heng, he will just blatantly voice out his argument; wanting a more specific description from us. For example, when we mention a location, he will want a map to it. "Where is this place? Why did the company choose this place? What's the logic behind its location?"

For each statement being made, he was very crucial and meticulous to how it was being said. "shooting" each point whenever there is a vulnerability to its credibility.

In the end, a supposed 2 hour tutorial turned into a 3 hour session. Out of the 4 groups who presented, 3 groups have to redo their work where 2 of them need to redo it with a different company. And the only group that survived; my group!!! =D

Partly, I think it was because we have foreigners in my group; 2 from Indonesia, 1 from China and myself from Malaysia. He is somewhat nicer to foreigners, stricter to Singaporeans.
Probably another reason is, we really put in a lot of effort to it. We were very crucial to each point made.

We even had rehearsals where I would act like Uncle Heng and try to 'pin down' every point that are ambiguous, unprecise and confusing. Although I'm still not very good at it, but I suppose it was good enough to pass his first round of tutorial.!

Now, the real battle begins: The Blue Ocean Strategy Project!

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