Tuesday, August 05, 2008

De Zien's 21st Birthday Celebration

Right before the semester started, we had a brithday celebration for De Zien on the 2nd of Aug. Coincidentally, that's my father's birthday and all I did on that day for him was send him an sms to wish him.. Naughty me... Then again, what can I do over here in Singapore... And we did celebrate for him in KL the week before... =)

Anyway, for De Zien's birthday celebration.. it started off with us asking De Zien to dress formally and meet us at Boon Lay. That's the exact same thing we did to Wai Seng where WS dressed up very formally while the rest of us wore casual. But this time, we were quite nice to De Zien cause all of us wore relatively nice too! With shirts, jeans and shoes.

There was me, yin sin, elaine, wai seng and de zien. All of us knows where and what's gonna happen later except for.. well, De Zien. He has no clue at all as to where we'll be bringing him.

We met up with Shaun at CCK where we had our lunch there at some HK Restaurant first. That's where Yi Wang joined us after lunch.

at a HK Restaurant for Lunch (by P3rSeUs)

Then, we tricked him by loitering around the bus interchange where we were actually waiting for a shuttle bus to go to Qian Hu Fish Farm for our Fish Spa Session!

The guys at fish spa (by P3rSeUs)
At the Fish Spa Pool

At the fish spa, what happens is the fishes will nibble and eat all your dead skin leaving the skin smooth and healthy! It's actually quite ticklish but getting used to it, the sensation is actually quite nice!

At first, it started off with small little fishes nibbling on our legs.
Fish Nibbles (by P3rSeUs)

Then, comes the BIG FISHES!!
Fish ATtack (by P3rSeUs)

It's actually very nice... You can feel the big mouth of the fishes nibbling happily on the skin.. For only $10 for 30min, it's actually quite nice... =)

After all that, it's time for our next agenda. Shopping Spree!! We went to Raffles City to shop a birthday present for De Zien; clothes for him where we get to dress him up however we like first!

So, the first experiment was at Topman
Extreme Makeover #1 (by P3rSeUs)

We didn't think it was cheesy enough.. and went for a different style
Extreme Makeover #2 (by P3rSeUs)

After that, we went to some other shop and try on some different clothing
Extreme Makeover #3 (by P3rSeUs)

The glasses was really horrible. It even completely changed how Yi Wang would look like
Gay Yi Wang (by P3rSeUs)

But after all those.. we ended up buying something not so radical and more of De Zien. Purchased a shirt from G2 Black Label. A very nice shirt! =)

It was about time for dinner and dinner was quite nearby. So, we decided to walk there. While walking on the streets, we saw jets flying around for the NDP Rehearsal! Managed to snap some shots of the heart shape stunt in the sky.. =)

Love is in the air (by P3rSeUs)

Our dinner was at Indulgz Bistro which was featured at Xia Xue's Blog previously.

We ordered various cocktails and main courses.
There was a drink I ordered called Flirtini. When I ordered the drink, the shaun heard me saying "flirt with me?" to the waitress! The waitress said "excuse me?" also.. *sigh*
We also ordered red wine cocktail, bailey's cocktail, tequila, etc.

Flirtini (by P3rSeUs)

We all shared a crab soup
Crab Soup (by P3rSeUs)

and Chicken Bolognaise Melted Cheese Fries!
Cheese Fries! (by P3rSeUs)

The main courses were:
Flaming Pasta
Flaming Pasta (by P3rSeUs)

Char-Grilled Ribeye Steak with Red Wine Duxcelle Sauce
Char-Grilled Ribeye Steak with Red Wine Duxcelle Sauce (by P3rSeUs)

Butterfish Steak with Pineapple Salsa
Butterfish Steak with Pineapple Salsa (by P3rSeUs)

Oven-baked Pork Ribs
Oven-baked Pork Ribs (by P3rSeUs)

Seafood Platter w White Pepper Sauce (for 1)
Seafood Platter w White Pepper Sauce (for 1) (by P3rSeUs)

If all that was not enough, we decided to bring the celebration back in NTU! After walking along city area towards Chijmes and Tom Palette's Ice Cream, we bought a small bottle of vodka back to Hall 16 for our next round!

We played Cash n Guns (DIY Version) and Indian Poker.
The loser has to do forfeits!
Wai Seng's forfeit was to put ice on his nipples chest for 1 minute.
Enjoying the sensation (by P3rSeUs)

Yi Wang had to do Monkey Gorilla Chimpanzee in front of strangers in the tv lounge.
Yi Wang (Gorilla) (by P3rSeUs) Yi Wang (Chimpanzee) (by P3rSeUs)

and Shaun just has to sing crazily and out of tune....
Shaun crazily singing "twinkle twinkle little star" (by P3rSeUs)


√Éngelu§ said...

The fish spa thing is quite cheap yah?

LOL at Flirtini! Was the waitress good looking/pretty at least? BTW it looks like a girl's drink, heheh.

The food do have fancy names don't they? Flaming pasta - eat it while it's hot! XD

Lastly, Spongebob damn funny!

Gabriel said...

haha.. nah.. the waitresses were just average.
And i agree! No sense of alcoholic satisfaction at all.. Oh well...

You should try the fish spa thing.. when u come to sg, remind me to bring you there! haha