Monday, July 07, 2008

Quick Trip back to Singapore

The reason I had to make my way back to Singapore was to settle my scholarship stuff; the National Infocomm Scholarship. After submitting my application during the extended dateline and attended interviews by Starhub, Singtel, Fujitsu and UOB, I really have to thank God for being selected by Singtel for this scholarship!! I thought I really flunked my interviews but it's God's grace that I was offered one.

Basically, this scholarship covers my final year tuition fees, accommodation fee and a yearly allowance of $6000. In return, I'll be bonded with Singtel which could be a boon for me cause it means that I already found myself a job upon graduation!

So, I came back to sign the scholarship deed with my cousins as my guarantors. It was so kind of them to purposely take leave and to take the time off to sign the thing with me. I also went to my future office where I'll be working for at least a year after I graduate in Ang Mo Kio. Exact address will be at 1 Serangoon North Avenue 5; approx 1.5km away from AMK Hub. So, my future apartment will be somewhere there, I hope.

I was just briefed by the HR people and apparently, they want to know me better so that they arrange a proper placement for me when I come out to work. The building is not as big as Agilent Technologies, but it's quite cozy. Or at least, I have to believe that it is.

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