Saturday, July 05, 2008

Ipoh-KL-Malacca Food Trail (part 1)

A food trail; touring around a place while eating non-stop until you drop. Heaven-like eh? So I thought, but one man's meat is another man's poison. (fine, I'm exaggerating!)

Right after my trip back from Indonesia, my group of friends from NTU (Elaine, Wai Seng, De Zien and Yi Wang) decided to tour around Malaysia and to eat whatever that place has to offer. The initial plan was Penang - Ipoh - KL - Malacca. However due to some unforeseen circumstances, the Penang trip has to be canceled. So, let's start from city to city.

Ipoh - Food Haven

June 24
Ipoh is a quiet city with pure relaxation and good food!
My friends reached Ipoh in the afternoon where my mum prepared dried noodles for lunch while they wait for me to register my subjects for the next semester. Unfortunately, the portion that my mum gave was a little bit too large...

We started our journey by me taking them to town area; to see my Alma Mater, St. Michael's Institution.

St. Michael's Institution

They didn't really want to go there but I insisted as it is after all, one of the more majestic buildings in Ipoh City.

Then, we went to Menglembu wanting to try the Wan Tan Mee but we were too early. Shop only opens at 6pm but we explored around there nevertheless.
We had tau foo fah

Soya Bean + Bean Curd

and tapau "yim kuk kai" (salted chicken) back for later meals (as they were still full from previous meals)

Then, we took a walk at Polo Ground
A walk at Polo Ground

Played Swing
on the Swing

Walked on pebble paths
Stone Stepping

Elaine was the first to gave up after 3 minutes followed by Wai Seng and then me.
De Zien managed to complete the entire circle followed by Yi Wang.

We then had nga choi kai for dinner.
The chicken
Nga Choy Kai

The hor fan
Nga Choy Kai

The taugeh
Nga Choy Kai

Then, we took a walk at the Pasar Malam to digest all those food. As the night was still young, we decided to do something before heading back. It was either yumcha, cybercafe, pool. Clearly, yumcha is out of the question and cybercafe is a no-no for elaine.. Hence,


After all that, we had supper in the Holiday Villa where all of us spent the next few nights in. We even bought back supper to eat.

The earlier Salted Chicken
Salted Chicken

and Popiah from Pasar Malam

June 25
We woke up early to fetch Yen Ping (Yi Wang's gf) from the bus station. It's my first time meeting her and she traveled from Taiping to join us. We had breakfast in old town for the toast bread,

White Coffee
Ipoh White Coffee

Kai Si Hor Fan
Kai Si Hor Fan

and Egg Custard
Egg Custard

Then, we went to Ipoh Parade for a walk before heading to lunch at "dai shue kiok" (Big Tree's Leg)

Dai Shue Kiok

That place is famous for it's fried stuff.

Fried Stuffs!

All of us shared that few portion as we were still quite full from the earlier breakfast.. Er. BRUNCH

To digest all those food, we went to explore Ipoh Caves! We first went to Sam Poh Tong to see the tortoises. The place is quite dead as it was a weekday and there weren't that many visitors.

Sam Poh Tong


Then, we went to the Perak Cave to climb up the top of the hill to get an aerial view of Ipoh City.

Perak Cave

Perak Cave

Perak Cave

Then, we went back home where my mom prepared Roast Chicken for us!
Roast Chicken

before heading off for our Bak Kut Teh Dinner..
Bak Kut Teh

After all that eating, we went to Jusco to 'walk off' all those calories. We even competed basketball against each other.

Basketball @ Jusco

And then, SUPPER!
Went to stadium to eat

HK Chee Cheong Fun
Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun

Wan Tan Mee
Wan Tan Mee

Prawn Mee
Prawn Mee

We then went back home and called it a day...

June 26
We woke up early for dim sum at Foh Shan

Foh San Dim Sum

and then to Kong Heng for our 2nd breakfast for another round of kai si hor fan.

Then, we walked around Dataran Ipoh where the clock tower is for some er.. morning walk. After that, went to see 1 of the two remaining Ipoh Tree in Ipoh. We went to the one at the Railway Station. The other one is in D.R Park

Ipoh Railway Station
Railway Station

Ipoh Tree
Ipoh Tree

And we did a crazy thing after that. We went for a movie marathon! Watched 2 movies back to back. We even skipped lunch. lol. Watched Kungfu Panda in Cantonese (early bird show) and Get Smart (30 min after kungfu panda)

My dad took us to a pomelo plantation in the evening where they can buy back pomelo back to their families.

Pomelo Plantation

For dinner, we initially wanted to eat Claypot Chicken Rice at K-10 but it was closed, both in Bercham and in Ipoh Garden East. But we went to Foh Sing for dinner and had ikan bakar and the misc. food that can be found there.

Ikan Bakar

Not knowing what to do next, we made a bold move and suggested to go sing karaoke!! Something that we have never done together before. There were lots of objections and uncertainties but in the end....


We actually enjoyed ourselves! lol.. partly because back in sg, the ppl that we mix with all sing Chinese songs.. But not us.... we sang old English songs.. Even made a fool of ourselves... lol


ViNcenT said...

YES!!!! I tried K-10 when i went to Ipoh last time...mmm....wondering how fat u guys are now...hehe...

sEnGz said...

Gab o Gab, this will be a purely food blog soon... Instead of Labyrinth of the Mind, i reckon its Labyrinth of the Stomach. lolx

Foh San kinda sucks.... next time bring ur frens to try Ming Court. I brought my coursies there and my goodness, rm4.50 for a portion of har kow (prawn dumplings)

For my preference on tau hu fa, try Funny Mountain next time (nearby Foh San). Its heavenly. =)

Gabriel said...

haha... just so happen, everytime i go out got food involved only mar.. =P

yea, i tot of ming court but because foh san is more famous, so, might as well bring them to a more famous place instead.

ANd yea, next time will try the Funny Mountain. My dad recommended that to me also. Thanks for the tip! =)