Monday, July 07, 2008

Ipoh-KL-Malacca Food Trail (part 5)

This will be the final part of the food trail series. Had to split them up as each post is too long... This is my final day in Malacca and I've to return to Singapore in the evening to run some errands.

For the final day of my visit, it's not something big. On the contrary, it became a quiet and slow moving day. All of us woke up relatively late with the exception of Elaine, who wanted to surprise us by waking up earlier and make breakfast for us. Too bad, I foiled her plan as I was thirsty again and went down for water and 'caught' her red-handed. It was sooo nice of me to actually help her prepare breakfast. haha.. I was bored anyway, as i can't get back to sleep..

We prepared toast bread (known as elaine's pizza) and I made the campbell mushroom soup! =)

Adding in the stuff to the 'pizza'
Adding in the ingredients

Toast em'
Toasting the bread


Breakfast w/ eggs and soup

Look at their faces... they are happily eating the sandwiches.. I mean, pizza~!

For the rest of the day, we went for joy rides. Picked up Zhi Sin from the bus station, went to Malacca beach and hunting lunch in the outskirts..

Malacca Seaside
Malacca Beach

My last meal happened to be a very nice tandoori chicken and I forgot what we ate before the chicken... =/

Anyway, most importantly I reached the bus station on time with only 1 minute to spare and while I was on my way to Singapore, they had Portuguese dinner and Boat Ride by the Malacca River!

Nevertheless, thanks Laynne for the tour in Malacca. Hehz.. can't wait to see the videos!

added: this is the video they took for me cause I missed the boat ride in the Malacca River

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