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Ipoh-KL-Malacca Food Trail (part 4)

June 29

Despite sleeping late last night, I automatically woke up at 8am in the morning. Went downstairs to grab a drink of water and went back to sleep. The next moment I opened my eyes, I checked the clock and damn it! It's only 9am.. Everyone was still sleeping like a baby with blankets covering their entire body!! I wonder how they sleep...

Guess who is who..

I rolled here and there and then Wai Seng woke up. Asked me what time was it, I said 9.30am and he replied "oh shit!".. It's just too early....

So, we talked and eventually woke Elaine up. It was just the 3 of us on the floor while the rest of them are still sleeping soundly on the bed... Hence, we decided to entertain ourselves.

Decided to play Jumanji and I tell you, it's easier to play with only 3 ppl. We manage to complete the game without any casualties!


Then, dunno who started to whack the other with a pillow and there was some pillow fight going on with elaine as the main casualty.. But no serious injuries were done in the process though..

anyway, after lots of nonsensical affairs.. all of us finally got up late in the morning for lunch!

As the sky was quite cloudy, we parked the car near A famosa and walked to Jonker Street. That way, we were able to see more of Malacca street.

There was the famous Malaccan Trishaw that plays rock music.
The Flowery Trishaw

A Mamee Double Decker Bus
Mamee Double Decker

A clock tower
Clock Tower

And the famous red church
Malacca Town

We took pictures at the fountain
Malacca Town

and of some reptiles along the street
Snakey encounter

There was also the wind mill...
Wind Mill

Malacca River and the Boat Rides
Malacca River

And many more.......

Anyway, back to lunch.
We had chicken rice balls at a place called Hoe Kee Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice Ball

It's not bad at all... The chicken's a bit fatty but that's to my liking.. Rice is quite good also. The size of the balls is just right.

After lunch, we walked around again... Went to the Orang Utan House
Orang Utan House

to see T-Shirts..

Ate some sample Yam Ice Cream along the way.... (yea, how cheapskate of us to eat samples instead of buying them.. hah! we didn't like it..)

We then went to St. Paul's Hill
St Paul's Hill

and to the Istana Kesultanan Melayu Melaka, which is now a museum.
Malacca Museum

opposite the palace is the 'forbidden garden'. I don't see why it's so forbidden at that time.. It's just some garden. Not very grand nor majestic.. It's just nice..

After all the walking and sweating, it's just nice for cendol! We ordered 4 different types of cendol; coconut cendol, cempedak cendol, mango cendol and durian cendol.
Four Cendols

Next, it's tea time!
We went to a place to have century egg porridge!

Century Egg Porridge

which is accompanied by fried prawn wan tan
Fried Prawn Wan Tan

and dried hor fun
Dried Hor Fun

For dinner, we went to a place called the cottage spices to have Nonya Food.
Cottage Spices

Beng Kim joined us for dinner and the food stuff after that. I like Beng Kim. He eats a lot also. He suggested a lot of other stuff to eat.

Went to eat some super expensive layered cake for RM8 a slice. But it was really nice.. Just over-priced.
Layered Cake

Then, we ate

Ho Jian
Ho Jian

White Wan Tan Mee
White Wan Tan Mee

and Roti John!! This roti john is really good...
Roti John

We ended the night by walking around some city that is brightly lit up by neon lights.
City of Light

City of Light

There's also a fun fair with the eye of Malacca there..
Fun Fair

After such an eventful day, we headed back to the house aching to sleep... There's the euro finals that morning too....

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