Saturday, July 05, 2008

Ipoh-KL-Malacca Food Trail (part 3)

Malacca - the Historical City

June 28

Had late breakfast in KL before proceeding to Malacca City.
First thing we did when we reached Malacca is to settle down in Elaine's house first. Unpacked all our things before heading to Jonker street for late lunch.

We went to this nonya stall for some

Assam Laksa
Assam Laksa

and Cendol

We took a walk at Jonker Street after that

Jonker Street

before eating Sate Celup!

The assam laksa wasn't my cup of tea as I don't really take spicy food. But the sate celup is quite good. We went to this Capitol Sate Celup where they occasionally serve big prawns, abalone for only 70 cents a stick!

Sate Celup

The selection of food that we can get there
Selection of food

What we took
Sate Celup

The extra stuff!
Sate Celup

and the BIG Prawn (my fav)
Big Prawn

The queue was very long by the time we left. Luckily we went there early...
Long queue

At night, we went to a place called Geographer where we met some of Elaine's friends
Jonker Street

Elaine's Malaccan Friends

and that is where we celebrated Irene's belated birthday.
Irene's Birthday Celebration

We even went to A Famosa at night to chill out..
A Famosa

Went back home after that and cleaned up.. Attempted to play Jumanji while waiting for our turns to bathe... It's a blardy hard game to complete!!


QuaChee said...

lovely photography uve got! :) and wow, didnt know the queue could get that long for satay celup. im malaccan but hardly eat that... haha

Gabriel said...

thanks for the comment, quachee.. =)
malacca's a place with lots of good food also..
love the Portuguese egg tarts..