Saturday, July 05, 2008

Ipoh-KL-Malacca Food Trail (part 2)

KL - Busy City Life

June 27
We dropped Yi Wang and Yen Ping at the bus station, picked up Jin Ann and went to eat Pork Noodles for breakfast. It's time to say goodbye to Ipoh and ALOHA to KL.

When we first arrived in KL, we dropped Jin Ann at the LRT Station (she hitched a ride) and we went to Yi Wang's house for lunch. His mum made teo chew mee sua.

A very nice dish. Something out of the ordinary.
Mee Sua

We then spent the entire afternoon/evening playing Super Munchkins!!
Super Munchkin

It's a very fun game!! WE kill monsters, backstab each other, converting each other to the opposite sex....

Super Munchkin

All we had to do is to buy a drink at some cafe in Cineleisure and we can play the games that they offer us. We played 2 different versions of Munchkins there. SUper Munchkins and something Munchkins.

We started at about 3pm and by the time we finished the game, it's 8pm already. Time for dinner!! Next stop will be at De Zien's house where his mum made Nasi Lemak for us.
It's by far the BEST nasi lemak ever! Much more better than the overrated Changi Nasi Lemak and the Boon Lay Nasi Lemak.

Nasi Lemak

Very very nice. Don't even know how to describe them..

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