Thursday, July 10, 2008

Adeline's Rest House

After being in Ipoh for so many years, I recently found out that Perak offers outdoor adventures in Gopeng! Even my father didn't know that. One of the resort that offers such packages is Adeline's Rest House. That place has vertical abseiling at a waterfall, caving, white water rafting and even paintball!

Gopeng Outdoor Activity (by P3rSeUs)

I went there with my eldest sister's school staffs from Bukit Mertajam. She's the organizer for this outing and she asked my parents and I whether we're interested to join this and we agreed! The deal was good too! For only RM70, the package includes jungle trekking, waterfall, water rafting, caving AND lunch + dinner. The normal rate would be RM200++ but because it's a school thingy, it's subsidized.

The only setback about this is that, I have to go with 30s-40s teachers. Heck, even both my parents are 60 over. So, that means not much strenuous activity. Maybe it's just some laid back thing.

Or so, that's what I thought. The jungle trekking is not jungle trekking. It's Hill Climbing!!! I thought it was just some normal stroll in the jungle so I wore old shoes. And fyi, old shoes are not very durable. After about 45minutes of walking, my shoes failed me. The soles came out. Luckily for me, the padding was quite thick and I went on for the next 115 minutes with that condition until we reached the Waterfall. The climb was actually quite okay, If you're still youthful!! Imagine my mum, a 60 year old lady doing all these...

Gopeng Outdoor Activity (by P3rSeUs)

There were some other teachers who gave up halfway, some vomitted. sigh.. poor ladies. Oh, did I mention most of them are lady teachers? Mostly mothers. Only one or two in their late 20s.

At least, the 'goal' is quite satisfying. Waterfall massage!
Gopeng Outdoor Activity (by P3rSeUs)

Me, my sister and my mum went for a dip against the rocks while the strong gush of water beats across our back. The icy cool water.... ahh.. so nice!

Gopeng Outdoor Activity (by P3rSeUs)

Behind us is the vertical abseiling on the waterfall. Not part of our package but I wouldn't mind trying it in the future. If i'm not wrong, it's RM80 for that thing..

Gopeng Outdoor Activity (by P3rSeUs)

Then, lunch came to where we are. We had a simple malay food buffet style by the waterfall. After lunch, it's river rafting time! To our dissapointment, it's not white water rafting where we sit on a raft and travel for long distances along a very strong current. Instead, it's Body River Rafting! The same concept, it's using our body and a much shorter distance.

At a glance, it looks pretty dangerous with ur body swept away with the strong current against what seems like treacherous rocks. But once you try it, its like sitting on those River Slide in sunway lagoon. Instead of slides made of plastic, you get to sit on nature-made rocks. Oh, and of course there would be more turbulence compared to the kiddy-slide. The ending is just about 1.5m depth of river water.

We started 'playing' it by wearing a life jacket for just approx 20m distance. As we get the hang of it, we started not wearing life jackets because it's more fun that way. Not all of them did that though. Only meant for people who knows how to swim. Oh, and I was the only one who went further up top to journey longer. Approx 50m of strong current sweeping my body against those rocks. It's actually not painful at all as the rocks are covered by moss and it dampens the thing and made it very slippery. Too bad no pictures were taken.

After that FUN activity, we went for caving! Gua Kandu's the name. Compared to Gua Tempurung, Gua Kandu is a drier but dirtier cave. It was used by the communist as a hideout in the past and it's still consider as a live cave where stalactites and stalagmites are forming. All of us have to wear those silly construction helmets to protect our head from low ceilings.

Gopeng Outdoor Activity (by P3rSeUs)

The cave is actually quite beautiful. The stalactites are beautiful. There are very peculiar formations and can even see a family of bats sleeping!

Stalactites (by P3rSeUs)

Rock that looks like a tiger
Tiger head like rock (by P3rSeUs)

Cave's Opening
Cave opening (by P3rSeUs)

The cave exploration itself involves walking, crawling and climbing which includes up abseiling and down abseiling.

Crammed spaces
Crammed spaces (by P3rSeUs)

It's very hard to find even grounds inside the cave. Oh, and the cave is actually pitch black. There was a chamber where we switched off our torchlights and it's REALLY PITCH BLACK! Cannot see anything at all. There's no difference with opening or closing my eyes...

There's that. A new experience for me with the caving and the 'long-distance' body rafting. Used to do that when I was a kid with my family in Chemor but it's just "one rocky slide". The next time when I go back there, I'll go for the white water rafting and the wet abseiling. Oh, and also see the Rafflesia flower if I have spare cash. =)

Gopeng Outdoor Activity (by P3rSeUs)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Quick Trip back to Singapore

The reason I had to make my way back to Singapore was to settle my scholarship stuff; the National Infocomm Scholarship. After submitting my application during the extended dateline and attended interviews by Starhub, Singtel, Fujitsu and UOB, I really have to thank God for being selected by Singtel for this scholarship!! I thought I really flunked my interviews but it's God's grace that I was offered one.

Basically, this scholarship covers my final year tuition fees, accommodation fee and a yearly allowance of $6000. In return, I'll be bonded with Singtel which could be a boon for me cause it means that I already found myself a job upon graduation!

So, I came back to sign the scholarship deed with my cousins as my guarantors. It was so kind of them to purposely take leave and to take the time off to sign the thing with me. I also went to my future office where I'll be working for at least a year after I graduate in Ang Mo Kio. Exact address will be at 1 Serangoon North Avenue 5; approx 1.5km away from AMK Hub. So, my future apartment will be somewhere there, I hope.

I was just briefed by the HR people and apparently, they want to know me better so that they arrange a proper placement for me when I come out to work. The building is not as big as Agilent Technologies, but it's quite cozy. Or at least, I have to believe that it is.

Ipoh-KL-Malacca Food Trail (part 5)

This will be the final part of the food trail series. Had to split them up as each post is too long... This is my final day in Malacca and I've to return to Singapore in the evening to run some errands.

For the final day of my visit, it's not something big. On the contrary, it became a quiet and slow moving day. All of us woke up relatively late with the exception of Elaine, who wanted to surprise us by waking up earlier and make breakfast for us. Too bad, I foiled her plan as I was thirsty again and went down for water and 'caught' her red-handed. It was sooo nice of me to actually help her prepare breakfast. haha.. I was bored anyway, as i can't get back to sleep..

We prepared toast bread (known as elaine's pizza) and I made the campbell mushroom soup! =)

Adding in the stuff to the 'pizza'
Adding in the ingredients

Toast em'
Toasting the bread


Breakfast w/ eggs and soup

Look at their faces... they are happily eating the sandwiches.. I mean, pizza~!

For the rest of the day, we went for joy rides. Picked up Zhi Sin from the bus station, went to Malacca beach and hunting lunch in the outskirts..

Malacca Seaside
Malacca Beach

My last meal happened to be a very nice tandoori chicken and I forgot what we ate before the chicken... =/

Anyway, most importantly I reached the bus station on time with only 1 minute to spare and while I was on my way to Singapore, they had Portuguese dinner and Boat Ride by the Malacca River!

Nevertheless, thanks Laynne for the tour in Malacca. Hehz.. can't wait to see the videos!

added: this is the video they took for me cause I missed the boat ride in the Malacca River

Ipoh-KL-Malacca Food Trail (part 4)

June 29

Despite sleeping late last night, I automatically woke up at 8am in the morning. Went downstairs to grab a drink of water and went back to sleep. The next moment I opened my eyes, I checked the clock and damn it! It's only 9am.. Everyone was still sleeping like a baby with blankets covering their entire body!! I wonder how they sleep...

Guess who is who..

I rolled here and there and then Wai Seng woke up. Asked me what time was it, I said 9.30am and he replied "oh shit!".. It's just too early....

So, we talked and eventually woke Elaine up. It was just the 3 of us on the floor while the rest of them are still sleeping soundly on the bed... Hence, we decided to entertain ourselves.

Decided to play Jumanji and I tell you, it's easier to play with only 3 ppl. We manage to complete the game without any casualties!


Then, dunno who started to whack the other with a pillow and there was some pillow fight going on with elaine as the main casualty.. But no serious injuries were done in the process though..

anyway, after lots of nonsensical affairs.. all of us finally got up late in the morning for lunch!

As the sky was quite cloudy, we parked the car near A famosa and walked to Jonker Street. That way, we were able to see more of Malacca street.

There was the famous Malaccan Trishaw that plays rock music.
The Flowery Trishaw

A Mamee Double Decker Bus
Mamee Double Decker

A clock tower
Clock Tower

And the famous red church
Malacca Town

We took pictures at the fountain
Malacca Town

and of some reptiles along the street
Snakey encounter

There was also the wind mill...
Wind Mill

Malacca River and the Boat Rides
Malacca River

And many more.......

Anyway, back to lunch.
We had chicken rice balls at a place called Hoe Kee Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice Ball

It's not bad at all... The chicken's a bit fatty but that's to my liking.. Rice is quite good also. The size of the balls is just right.

After lunch, we walked around again... Went to the Orang Utan House
Orang Utan House

to see T-Shirts..

Ate some sample Yam Ice Cream along the way.... (yea, how cheapskate of us to eat samples instead of buying them.. hah! we didn't like it..)

We then went to St. Paul's Hill
St Paul's Hill

and to the Istana Kesultanan Melayu Melaka, which is now a museum.
Malacca Museum

opposite the palace is the 'forbidden garden'. I don't see why it's so forbidden at that time.. It's just some garden. Not very grand nor majestic.. It's just nice..

After all the walking and sweating, it's just nice for cendol! We ordered 4 different types of cendol; coconut cendol, cempedak cendol, mango cendol and durian cendol.
Four Cendols

Next, it's tea time!
We went to a place to have century egg porridge!

Century Egg Porridge

which is accompanied by fried prawn wan tan
Fried Prawn Wan Tan

and dried hor fun
Dried Hor Fun

For dinner, we went to a place called the cottage spices to have Nonya Food.
Cottage Spices

Beng Kim joined us for dinner and the food stuff after that. I like Beng Kim. He eats a lot also. He suggested a lot of other stuff to eat.

Went to eat some super expensive layered cake for RM8 a slice. But it was really nice.. Just over-priced.
Layered Cake

Then, we ate

Ho Jian
Ho Jian

White Wan Tan Mee
White Wan Tan Mee

and Roti John!! This roti john is really good...
Roti John

We ended the night by walking around some city that is brightly lit up by neon lights.
City of Light

City of Light

There's also a fun fair with the eye of Malacca there..
Fun Fair

After such an eventful day, we headed back to the house aching to sleep... There's the euro finals that morning too....

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Ipoh-KL-Malacca Food Trail (part 3)

Malacca - the Historical City

June 28

Had late breakfast in KL before proceeding to Malacca City.
First thing we did when we reached Malacca is to settle down in Elaine's house first. Unpacked all our things before heading to Jonker street for late lunch.

We went to this nonya stall for some

Assam Laksa
Assam Laksa

and Cendol

We took a walk at Jonker Street after that

Jonker Street

before eating Sate Celup!

The assam laksa wasn't my cup of tea as I don't really take spicy food. But the sate celup is quite good. We went to this Capitol Sate Celup where they occasionally serve big prawns, abalone for only 70 cents a stick!

Sate Celup

The selection of food that we can get there
Selection of food

What we took
Sate Celup

The extra stuff!
Sate Celup

and the BIG Prawn (my fav)
Big Prawn

The queue was very long by the time we left. Luckily we went there early...
Long queue

At night, we went to a place called Geographer where we met some of Elaine's friends
Jonker Street

Elaine's Malaccan Friends

and that is where we celebrated Irene's belated birthday.
Irene's Birthday Celebration

We even went to A Famosa at night to chill out..
A Famosa

Went back home after that and cleaned up.. Attempted to play Jumanji while waiting for our turns to bathe... It's a blardy hard game to complete!!