Monday, June 02, 2008

Sushi and Popiah Night

This will be the 3rd 'large scale' dinner that I've cooked during the IA period and it's probably the last one.

The 1st one was making wanton noodles
and the 2nd was the Arabian pasta-making which, both was a success.

This time round, it's Sushi and Popiah Night!!
There were 11 of us this time; soo fan, xin fern, hon yoong, yin sin, eng sue, chee kheng, yong ren, pei yin, weng kit, christopher and myself!

Me, Xin Fern, Hon Yoong and Yin Sin went to shop for the ingredients at Sheng Siong.
However, we couldn't find any sushi mats.. so, we decided to DIY it ourselves.
Yin Sin and I got the 'job' to create one and with all the patience and perseverance put into it, we came out with a sushi mat made with sate stick and threads.

DIY Sushi Mat

But in the end, we managed to get someone to buy the sushi mat from IMM and use ours as a backup instead.

Hence, we started preparing the ingredients.

Cutting Cucumbers

Grating Turnips

Preparing the Ingredients

Then, we started cooking the ingredients...

Preparation of the Omelette

Popiah Ingredients

With whatever that are prepared, we started off by making and rolling the sushis together.

We used the stuff below for the sushi

Sushi Ingredients

We prepare the fillings...

Adding in the omelette

Roll the sushi

Rolling sushi

Slice them


And eat em'

A mouthful of sushi

We repeat the process again and again until we have a plate full of sushis waiting to be eaten by us! (A lot of them were 'lost' in the process)


At the same time, we also prepared the popiah.

We peel off the skin
Pei Yin separating the popiah skin

Roll em'
Rolling the popiah

Cut em'
Cutting the popiah

Add a bit of garnishing and gravy, and it's ready to be served...
Popiah is served~

Or just plainly, eat it on its own.

These are the sushi and popiah that we have handmade
Sushi & Popiah

Everyone present there
The entire group


Licia said...

i dont know why..
but i feel that this post is very cute leh =D~

Gabriel said...

it's cute cause of the title or the content?
funny la you.. =P

Licia said...

maybe coz the popiah looks cute...
of course ur description la.. *pokes gab*