Friday, June 06, 2008

Industrial Attachment at Agilent Technologies

It has been a great journey working in the Broadband Development Team in Agilent Technologies for my Industrial Attachment. When I look back to the start of the internship, the 22-weeks seems to be so long and dreadful. And with just a blink of an eye... Today is my last day and I still have about 3 hours remaining in the office.

The company offers great facilities and benefits to its employee and most of all, the people here are nice. My supervisor is a very nice person. Almost an ideal supervisor who takes care of his employee's welfare, giving them encouragement and motivation while still giving work and meeting deadlines for the assignments.

To recap, let me highlight a few of the things that I have accomplished during the course of my IA.
1) Developed 2 softwares/tools that increases the company's productivity
- The Version Information Updater
- HTML Generator for Language Localization
2) Language Localization for the FrameScope Pro
3) Enhancing and Managing the Java Reporting Tools
4) Learned how to play table tennis
5) Explored more of Singapore and know of the different places to eat.

Anyway, for the NTU students out there who are deciding hard which company to take for their Industrial Attachment, I would recommend Agilent Technologies. =)


Licia said...

haha! u're free... come back n take me out find food!!! =D
then we shall pig together =D~

Gabriel said...

haha.... yea.. i'm free
But i'm still "imprisoned" in Singapore.
Can only come back on the 16th,.. =(