Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Holiday @ Turi Resort, Batam

Right after the end of my IA, I decided to treat myself and my gf a holiday trip to Batam Island, Indonesia. We booked a 2D1N stay at Turi Resort located at the Northern part of Batam Island; Nongsapura.

We took a ferry which costs us $43 per pax for a return trip. It's blardy expensive. It's just about 35min ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal.

Batam Fast - The Boat that took us there

We checked in at 2pm Indonesia time (3pm Sg time) and the service provided there was first class! The moment we arrived at the ferry, there are ushers awaiting for its guest arrival. At that time, it was only me and Yin Sin and we even got to sit on our 'personal' car escorted by 3 'bodyguards'!

Upon arrival of the resort lobby (which was only 5 min away from the ferry terminal), they dealt with the porter service and after checking in, we got another car ride to our room.

Batam Trip

From the outside, the room looks like those rumah papan and each 'house' contains 3 connecting rooms. It gives you the 'getaway' feeling from the ordinary bricks and mortars to the wooden, nipah-leaf roofs that is our room!

The interior was very nice. With 2 queen sized bed, a balcony, tv, fridge, etc. The only thing that is missing is a bath tub (for long baths)

My beautiful bedroom

So, what's outside?

There's a private beach only for the resort guests, a pool, spa, water sports, massage parlours, restaurants, cafes, so on and so forth.

Batam Trip

Because the beach is a private one, you can actually see small fishes swimming around at the coast line!

Turi's Private Beach

Batam Trip

The pool was very clean and the water clear. There are different depths for different parts of the pool all the way to 2.4m deep! We played and swam around in the pool and the beach. It'll be great to have a group of friends playing together but with just the two of us, it has its own fun too, nevertheless. =)

Swimming Pool

Towards evening, we just strolled along the beach, snapping pictures and just... do nothing. It's pure serenity and relaxation.

We spent quite a lot on the room (about $150 for a night) but we saved on the food. haha.. Ironic as it may seem, we actually bought food from FairPrice and made our own dinner!

We prepared tuna sandwich, cheese crackers, Norwegian Chocolates, Baileys Irish Coffee and Lipton Tea for dinner! Then, we had cup noodles for supper while enjoying shows from HBO and Disney Channel on TV. hahaha

Batam Trip

Batam Trip

We had our dinner at the balcony outside the room. Enjoying the fresh breeze while savouring our dinner. We talked the entire night over dinner and it was great...

Next morning, we woke up early for the buffet breakfast. Nothing spectacular, just a normal breakfast. But not too bad either. We wanted to wake up to catch the sun rise, but I set the alarm wrong and I was too pig to wake up either.. =/

After checking out at 12pm Indo Time, we took one last walk around the resort before heading to the ferry terminal at 130pm.

Blue skies; White clouds

It was a very worthwhile first-trip spent together. Maybe next time, we shall do something like this again. =)

Batam Trip

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Licia said...

We wanted to wake up to catch the sun rise, but I set the alarm wrong and I was too pig to wake up either.. =/ <-- as expected of the babi >=D

so romantikku ah.. gabby~
why two queen size beds wor.. one enough la.. both of u so skinny.. =P