Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Roller Blading and Popeyes

It was Wesak Day on Monday and being a public holiday, I took the opportunity to go out and burn myself out for the day so that I'll be terribly tired for work the following morning.....

Anyway, this time round, I went to East Coast Park (again) with Elaynne, Zhi Sin, Wai Seng, De Zien, Yi Wang, Shaun, Jane, Guo Liang and of course, Yin Sin. The objective of this trip is actually a 'training session' for Zhi Sin and Guo Liang to learn up cycling so that we're able to go for night cycling one of these days. And since some of us didn't know how to blade as well, we went for blading sessions too!

The last time I bladed was with Mei Yuet, her friend Pui Lee and Kian Hwat. At that time, it was really horrible as it was my first time blading while the 3 of them already knew how to blade!!! Hence, I was left alone most of the time trying to get myself not to fall and self-learn how to blade. Towards the end of that session, I was able to not fall after more than 5 minutes blading on the ground!

This time, it was much better. Probably because the shoe is in a better condition. I think I only fell once on my own. But it was still quite embarassing as it was Yin Sin's first time blading but I couldn't help her with it cause I can't control myself very good either. There was once I actually rolled over her fingers! Ouch..

But fortunately, Yi Wang and Shaun were kind enough to guide her and teach her how to blade. Sometimes, I kind of wish I'm a girl. She has so many people to teach her how to blade! Oh well....

The Roller Bladers
photo courtesy of Elaynne

After that, we went to Changi Airport T1 for Popeyes!! It's something like KFC but it's crispier and smaller. The side dishes are different. The mash potatoes and the cajun fries are really nice and different from the ones that we normally have. The coleslaw is pretty standard though. We separated when we went back where Jane, Guo Liang, Yin Sin and I went back to NTU while Elaine and Zhi Sin waited for her aunt to arrive at the airport and the rest went to watch IronMan.


Licia said...

u're lucky that ur roller blades doesnt have real blades like those they use for ice skating..
or else u'll have to propose to her now already.. lol =P

tall ppl more instable.. poor fella..
for once i feel happy for being shorter than u =D

Gabriel said...

but you know how to blade hor?
u played in sunway's skating ring before right?

how was it? always jatuh ar?

anyway, if it's 'real blades', i cannot propose to her also..
No fingers to put the ring on.....