Monday, May 26, 2008

Lunch Buffets by Agilent Technologies

One great thing working in Agilent is that for the end of every quarter, there will be a lunch buffet celebration!

To recap, the first was at The Strait's Kitchen @ The Grand Hyatt Hotel. It was for the Q1'08 Celebration.

The second was at Cafe Biz @ Traders Hotel. Just a team lunch since some big boss came over from the US.

and this is the THIRD! It's at The Line Shop @ Shangri-La Hotel.

However, unfortunately for me, I fell ill the day before with flu, slight tonsil irritation and cough. I did not recover fully but I tried my best to consume whatever I can on that day.

So.. here it is...

First and foremost, I took picture with Boon Jin and my Supervisor, Mr. Liu Yiyuan who has been a great boss and regularly provides us with lots of motivation and encouragement throughout the entire attachment period.

The Interns and their Supervisor

From my face, you can see that I wasn't feeling very well. Anyway, on to the place itself!

I skipped the appetizer and went straight to the main course!
Nevertheless, I took a creme of tomato and it was MarVellous!!

The Main Course

By following the link by clicking on the picture, there are labels to all the different meats that I had. There's chicken, beef, salmon, sausage, lamb all in one plate!

The sausage is the killer cause it's long and thick! On normal occasions, one piece of those sausage is enough to last a meal.

But after those food, I went for my 2nd round which consists of:

Roast Duck and Roast Pork
Roast Duck Drumstick and Roast Pork


Second Helping

Pizza, Lamb Neck, Satay, Chicken, etc. etc.

Again, I wasn't in a tip-top condition and my digestive systems ain't as efficient, I stopped at round 2 (i had to forgo the oysters, prawns, crabs, sushis, sashimis, etc)

Selection of seafood
I have to skip those delicious seafood above.....

and went straight to dessert.

Yummy... desserts

From the vast selection, I could only select a few.... And here's what I have.

Round 3...

Dessert Cups

Because everything is so creamy and mousse-y, I was dead beat after those. I didn't take the ice-cream and fruits. sighz.

Oh well, I think I've accomplished quite a bit. I came, I ate, I conquered.


Elaynne said...

'I tried my best to consume whatever I can on that day'

Super Tam Chiak Can!!! Anyway one day when I feel rich then I shall try the buffet there :)

Gabriel said...

that is called utilizing all the resources available and not letting whatever that's already paid for go to waste... =P

Anyway, if you were me, you'd probably do the same... hor?

Licia said...

hahaha.. sick but u still ate more than i could eat..
haihh.. so pig