Monday, May 05, 2008

Final Year Project Selection

The release of Final Year project is out! With the massive amount of choices, I really do not know which one to choose. Should I choose something interesting but potentially hard, or something easy, boring and mundane just to get it over with. Or something elaborate so that there's more challenge and excitement in it?

I've no idea. When ask advice from others, they would say 'choose the professor, not the project'. On the contrary, if we don't like what we do, what's the point of doing it?

So, should I be choosing something like this?


Hard, technical and probably useful in the near future....

Or something like this?

Ninja Turtle

Ninja Turtle.
hmm.. that is something you don't see everyday. I wonder if they should create a title called "Iron Man"

Feng Shui

This is even better! Mix science and chinese feng shui!! Maybe the software comprises of the popular feng shui compass.. I don't think this will be easy though.


Wedding planners anyone? Need to hire an engineer to help you plan weddings? Can really save all your headache!


kanki said...

very funny projects...
i not dare to take up those if i am you.

Anonymous said...

if I were to choose among the four, yes, you'll probably guessed it right... I will be picking the wedding one, haha... sounds really good and fun anyway ;)