Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crazy Fun

Last Saturday was packed with fun-filled and crazy activities.
1) Singapore Flickr Meetup - Kwong Hou Sua Teochew Cemetery (Photography Outing)
2) Singapore Freeze - Orchard Road
3) Pizza for Dinner
4) Risk
5) Supper

To start off, yes... it's a bit crazy to be shooting cemeteries. But heck, what's a little craziness in our lives? I was supposed to be at Kranji at 8am but luckily, Soo Fan and Mei Yuet are going back to KL from JB in the morning and I had company from NTU to Kranji.
After meeting up with Nisa, the organizer for the photography shootout, the group went to their first location:

Kranji War Cemetery

The place is beautiful. I mean, I wouldn't mind being buried here. It's so calm and peaceful. But for all the freedom fighters fighting for the future generations, they sure deserve such a place for them.

All the people who died, protecting future generations

War Cemetery

Their Name Liveth For Evermore

After that, we proceeded to Kwong Hou Sua Teochew Cemetery. just about 5 min drive from the war memorial.

Kwong Hou Sua Teochew Cemetery

The kind of graveyard here is so different with the war memorial. It's scattered and without proper paths and tilings. Probably with the exception of rich families with more than 1 wife. In fact, it's quite common to see graveyards with more than 1 wife. The most was 7 wifes!!

The Man with 4 wifes

Here's an example of a grave with a few wifes. If you see 5 names, means they have 4 wifes. The centre is the husband's name and the sides are the wifes' names. The bottom red represents their surname and the 2 green characters are their chinese middle name. And wifes are normally buried with their husbands so that they can have an everylasting life together in heaven.

We then had lunch at Yew Tee shopping mall as we really need some air-conditioning after having a long walk under the hot sun.

Then, I met up with my gf to proceed to Orchard to have our briefing to our Singapore Freeze at Youth Park.

So, what happened was, there were more than 400 people gathered outside Takashimaya and Ngee Ann City and at 1630 hrs, we just stop doing whatever we're doing and 'freeze' there for 5 minutes! At that time, I was drinking a cup of Big Gulp and you can see me in the youtube video above; a Channel News Asia commentary. =)

Went back Hall at night for a pizza get-to-gether with Elaine, Zhi Sin, Wai Seng, De Zien, Yi Wang, Jane, Guo Liang, Shaun, etc.

For so many of us, we ordered 4 large pizzas from Saprino.
Saprino Pizza

We ate, talked and after filling our stomachs, we continued with a game (or two games) of Risk!

Risk Board Game

Lots of battles and 'fights'. Yi Wang being wiped out twice and I was just barely surviving. De Zien won both of the games with his aggressive stance towards the game.

the Battle Begins

The red armies are Yi Wang's Ghost Armies, BLUE represents De Zien trying to wipe out GREEN Guo Liang.

We were too bored at a few occasions of all the ruthless killing in "America" and we decided to torture a prisoner of War in Asia.

Our prisoner
Surrounded by troops

Got "gang-raped"
Got 'gang raped'

After the game, we header for supper at 12am at Ah Fang and chatted there until like 3am. The rest are still crazy enough to remain at Wai Seng's room to play and talk and work until 7am.. lolz

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