Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BBQ Dinner & Night Cycling

The hall 8 Acapella Group organized an overnight stay at Aloha Loyang as an outing to bond its members. It was on a Sunday night for the cheaper rate of $70 a night for one whole unit complete with rooms, fridge and freezer, a gazebo and a bbq pit!

I went there at about 4pm with Soo Fan from NTU. It's all the way to Pasir Ris and we hve to take a cab from the interchange. Once there, we started preparing the stuff for BBQ dinner.

Hall 8 Acapella Outing

I started the fire for the pit! haha.. it's been a while since I start any fire building. The last time was like, what? Scouting days back in Form 3? But it was a success after all but took a much longer time only. Haha

There were lots of food for everyone! With only about 15 of us, the food sure looks abundant.

Chicken drummets and chicken wings
BBQ Chicken

Grilled Fish
Preparing Grilled Curry Fish

Cuttlefish balls with cheese, Crab Sticks and Sausages
Hall 8 Acapella Outing

Bacon Mushroom Roll
Bacon Mushroom Roll

Vegetables, Mushrooms and the such
Hall 8 Acapella Outing

Of course, the must.. Marshmallows!
Grilling Marshmallows!

There were also corns, ice-cream, jellies, Green Tea, A&W Rootbeer, etc. etc.

The BBQ was great, fire was decent, food was delicious. Thank God that it didn't rain.

Food on the Grill

We chatted, we fooled around and it was quite a nice atmosphere. Then, there's also ghost story sessions where it resembles the campfire experience. BoyScouts gathering round the fire grilling marshmallows while sharing ghost stories in the 'middle of the night' surrounded by deadly creatures and possibly ghosts....

After that, we gathered round for some ice-cream and some light chit chats before heading on for the Night Cycling Session to East Coast Park

For the journey to ECP, we travelled route C, D, E and F. It's about 17km of non stop cycling which is equivalent to 3 hours of ass pain!

Night Cycling

All of that is just to get to ECP for McDonald's! haha... but it was worth the fun and the long long journey along the way

All of us who went for night cycling

It was another 2 hours ride back along route G and route B. we got lost halfway and took the normal car roads on the way back. Luckily we got lost, otherwise it'll be another 3 hours to cycle the way back along the park connectors.

Everyone was shagged and half dead when we reached back. Happy at the same time cause we finally get to rest our butt.

After the long 5 hours of cycling

Oh, Soo Fan and I still had to go to work in the morning. We reached at about 530am, took a bath and a short nap. Then, we left at 645am to work. Madness, I tell you...

The Hall 8 Acapella people
Gathering round the pit


√Éngelu§ said...

Nothing much to comment, except 1 of your friend is really cute, and everyone was 'shagged'? Really? :p

Gabriel said...

haha.. which one of them you think is cute? hehe...

erm.. yea, 'shagged' is a singapore slang which means fatigue or exhaustiveness. =P

√Éngelu§ said...

Why? You're gonna hook me up issit ? :p The one that appears in both the last pic and the 2nd-2nd-last pic. Er, girl of course...

Okay, will use the term 'shag' next time in SG [and ignore the dirty stares by the public...]