Monday, April 07, 2008

More than 40 hours of consciousness

1st hour
There’s a lot of people around me. Some standing, some sitting. I closed my half-opened eyes to fall back asleep in the train at Bukit Gombak MRT Interchange.

10th hour
It was the end of the working week and as a typical worker, I’d rejoice at it! Now, it’s time to have dinner at the Chinatown Temp Market next to Outram Park Interchange with the IA people. But on the way there, I have to pick up my Mennon hand strap from another clubsnapper at Commonwealth Interchange

12th hour
Not many stalls were open and it’s all typically zhe char. Nevertheless, the food was great despite the limited choices that we had. I had fried rice, pork rice, tau fu fah, sambal sotong, cuttlefish ball, fried hor fan.

15th hour
Shit, I’m late! I’m supposed to be at 7-11 at Jurong Point in 30 minutes time and I’m still in hall packing my camera equipments and my ‘camping gear’. Let’s see, I have my raincoat ready, some extra clothes, mosquito repellents, what else?

17th hour
The view at the peak of Mt Faber is great! There’s this ‘compass’ right at the top that says out the direction of different places like Sentosa, Marina Bay, Brunei and even Jakarta. There are lots of people here, basically group of friends or couples chilling out. And here I am, with other fellow photographers snapping pictures of the surrounding area here. But we had a great time talking and just chillin’ out.

to the Peak of Mt Faber
to the peak of Mt Faber

20th hour
I’m surprised that there are still people coming in and out of McDonalds. In an hour’s time, the McDonald’s breakfast would be available for order. But after some double cheese burger and a medium coke to keep ourselves awake, we just sat at one corner browsing ClubSnap forum while we talk cock sing song. Every now and then, we would see the different kind of people walking in and out; some dress up like they are going clubbing in this wee hour in the middle of East Coast Park.

22nd hour
We walked out from McDonald’s to find a nice spot to settle down at East Coast Park where we can set up our tripods to take the first morning sun; the first moment the sun ray touches to ground.

More of the deep blue sky

24th hour (7am)
It’s beautiful. It’s this moment of time that you would think that God is great to have created such beauty. I can see the red blob of sun peeking out from the horizon, rising every minute. At the same scenery, there is the moon, the stars and the sun. We continuously snapped pictures; hoping one would turn out to be perfect.

A peek out of the horizon


27th hour
I just came out from shower and quickly change to meet up with Elaine and Zhi Sin at our hall’s bus stop. Zhi Sin made me run to catch the 199 from hall 13’s bus stop

30th hour
Oh, my stomach is bloated! So much food to eat and I’ve been eating non-stop for the past 1 hour at Kuishin-Bo Japanese Buffet in Suntec. The quality of the food there was well worth the money paid. Had lots of different kinds of sushi, soups, salmon sahimis, chicken, beef, dory fish and salmon, assorted desserts including chocolate fondue!! Another 120minutes left before the shop closes

Wai Seng's Birthday Celebration

33rd hour (4pm)
The lack-of-sleep symptom is becoming more prominent now. I’ve been talking shit for the past few hours. Disoriented? Maybe. But still awake. We just finished our ‘tea’ time at Shokudo where we had drinks, cheese tofu and a place to sit. We were so nice to accompany Elaine while waiting for Zhi Sin to finish his haircut at ICON.

33.5th hour
We’re playing pool at Marina Square. Those KL people are really good in this. Not to mention Daytona too. It’s Wai Seng and Shaun who normally wins the pool and Daytona. Then, Zhi Sin had a crazy fun playing House of the Dead 4 with Shaun. It’s funny seeing them shaking the guns vigorously to escape the grasps of the zombies. haha

37th - 38th hour (8pm)
After walking out from The Pacific Coffee Company without ordering anytime moments ago, we’re now at the new food court at Boon Lay. We shared lots of different food and we ate them like piranhas despite the stomach-filling Japanese Buffet we had for lunch. Anyway, gone are the hokkien mee and pratas in our stomach.

40th hour
We’re still at the food court, not wanting to go back. Not wanting to face the cruel and harsh world of examinations and studying. It was really crazy fun today and everyone really de-stressed themselves to the max I suppose. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end. It’s almost the last bus for us and well, we had to leave sooner or later.

41st hour
We said our goodbyes and farewells in the bus. We’ll be meeting again soon. And by that time, we’ll play our hearts out.

42nd hour
Oh, my bed.
Did you miss me?
I know I did….

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