Thursday, April 17, 2008

1st West Shooter Outing: Pulau Ubin

The attendance for our first outing is better than expected. Before this, it was only just daniel, justin, ying hao and I. Occasionally, Hamsterlord will join in. But this time, there was a whole lot of 17 people!! But 2 left early and it's down to 15 of us.

Group picture at the drink stall
photo courtesy by cckue

Anyway, Daniel came and pick me up from Hall at 6am and fetched Justin and YingHao along too. Had breakfast at Changi Village. The nasi lemak isn't as great as I hoped it would be but it was not bad after all. Treated daniel his share of nasi lemak for picking me up from hall.

Our theme for the day is "Wild Life".

Camera Mascot

But as we journeyed on, there were more macro shots of flowers and insects instead of animals, birds or fishes.

Here are my takes of the few wildlife that I encountered.

A climbing lizard-thing
Wild Lizard

A predating spider
Giant Spider

And a cat who got disturbed from his sleep
What are you looking at?

For landscape wise, the place is quite serene.

The swift wind blowing across the air
The swift wind

A forest trail
The serene forest

Boat rides
Anyone for a ride?

The entrance trail to Chek Jawa
Entrance to Chek Jawa

The beach along Chek Jawa
The beach at Chek Jawa

A cottage at Chek Jawa
A Cottage

Mangrove trees
Mangrove trees

There are also different kinds of people with different motives there.

Groups of friends cycling
Dog sleeping in the middle of a race

A little girl playing with sand
Making mud muffins

A fisherman making a living catching prawns
Open up wide

These are his catch
Prawn man

Photographers crowding to take a picture

photo courtesy by majujat

Photographers taking their own pictures
Say cheese!

And of course, the plants around.

Trying to grow

Pink flowers

White Flowers
Greeting the morning sun

Star-shape flowers
Flower Star


Elaynne said...

I can see that ur picture taking skills have improvedddd!! Very very nice pictures... Make me feel like going check jawa... where is it again??

BTW the cottage look so coool....

Gabriel said...

chek jawa is at one corner of pulau ubin. Yea, the cottage really IS coool.. haha

And thanks for the compliments. hehe

chYn said...

oMG man... these photoholics!!! u faster master ur phototaking then next time help me take photos !! ^.^

chYn said...

summore the photos all so cheating makes normal stuff look so nice!!