Monday, March 31, 2008

A Photography Experience.

Alkaff Mansion

This is not the "I've taken a magnificent piece of art!" or "This place is stupendous!" but it's a new part of life that I'm currently enjoying and glad that I've taken the plunge into.
Apart from the normal hobby-ist where I was able to snap pictures; appreciate nature more; see things at different angles and persepctive, I was also able to meet new people; make new friends; explore new places; getting myself to be on TV

It all started from a gathering/meetup for the photographers from west side of Singapore initiated by danielskl and SKYimage (both are nicks) from the ClubSnap forum and I decided, what the heck.. just join for the fun of it. At that time, there were just a few of us and eventually, the few of us became the 'active' members. Led by danielskl, there was Cr3nk,strins and myself. Our first 'outing' was a night shoot at Jurong Hill where daniel drove us up to Jurong Hill where we take scenaries shot from there and he brought a couple bottles of beer. Then, our next few outings were to the Matsuri Cosplay @ Vivo and to Haw Par Villa. Apart from that group, I also joined the "Tang Shooters" and went to Alkaff Mansion and Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. The coming outing is to Pulau Ubin and a lot of other tentative areas too!
When people shares a common interest, they tend to be friendlier despite the age and statute differences. Some are as old as 40s-60s and the young ones are from 19-24.

It was fun nevertheless just to meet new people and to explore new places. Who knows, may be down the road, they would still stick around.. =)

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