Monday, March 03, 2008

Movie Marathon

I spent my entire sunday watching shows.. It's been a long time since I watched anything this long since after I started my attachment. And yesterday was one of the rare days that I was able to spend time with movies from my hard disk. So, what have I achieved? I've finally completed watching season 3 of prison break.. and i started a few episodes of Gossip Girls. (yes, I actually watch gossip girls)

Was quite satisfied with the season finale of prison break. It's all good... and we can probably see that Michael Schofield will have to go back to Sona to get the 'birds book' from T-Bag, the new ruler of Sona Prison. And I still think James Whistler (or Gary Miller) is actually the head of this company, or at least someone big.

Many would say Gossip Girls is some chick show and I'm kind of in that group; but surprisingly, I'm actually enjoying the show. It's probably because there are a couple of hot chicks in the show, the story line is not too corny and I kind of enjoy the language that they use given the fact that I'm actually deprived of English-based resources in my current life, and the "elite-group from the east side of Manhattan" would use witty humour and sarcasm. Nevertheless, it's a new source of entertainment for me. =)

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