Monday, March 03, 2008

A Close Shave

There were a few things going on last Friday and it wasn't really a breather for me.
Morning was great as I took 'leave' since I have to be back NTU for a final year option talk from 2pm till 530pm, and then I was supposed to meet elaine they all for dinner at vivo before going for ntu choir concert, the cantemus

The night before, I played "Risk" with Elaine, Zhi Sin, Wai Seng, De Zien, Lai Fai and my gf at block 3C Tv lounge. And the very next morning, I had to wake up at 800am cause I have a survey to do at south spine at 9am which pays me $5 for doing so.
I was done by 930am and installed some softwares in my comp since i reformatted my laptop the night before.

By 12pm, I had lunch with ying sin, CK and my gf. Then, we agreed to attend the lecture at 230pm, just in time for the briefing on computer engineering and various electronic specializations at 3pm. Yea, so.. what's this close shave

I was to meet up with wai seng they all at boon lay at 5pm; so, i decided to leave at 430pm from south spine. While walking to the bus stop, I realized I didn't have my concession card with me, along with other cards (IC, ATM Card, matric card, etc.) Normally, I would never forget to bring such thing. So, I assumed i was forgetful and thought that I've left it in my room. So, I walked all the way from LKC back to Hall 13 (through the south spine, the auditorium, north spine, NIE and finally back to hall) only to find out that my cards aren't there either! I kind of panicked afraid that I dropped it somewhere.
In the end, something struck me. I called boon jin to help me check whether I dropped my cards in LKC at my seat. To my relief, he said it was there... By then, it was already 5pm. So, I had to walk all the way back from hall 13 to LKC again (from hall, thru NIE, thru north spine, thru auditorium and thru south spine) to get my cards from him... Was surely an intensive exercise for me..

So, I was 30min late when i reached boon lay. We didn't make it for dinner at vivo as elaine they all have started eating at sushi tei at 4 smtg. So, we went to raffles place instead for dinner. We ended up in The Asian Kitchen where we ate noodles and fried rice and it costs us about $10-$15 on average (incl. GST)

We rendezvous ourselves at Raffles Place MRT at 7pm to walk over to Victoria Concert Hall. The choir concert was not bad at all.. Got to see teng seng perform and he was sort of the 'lead actor' for the 2nd half. His expression is really priceless... So cheesy and 'eew'-ey.. lol
Anyway, it was all good..

Went to esplanade for supper after that for a hamburger meal. It's some place called "something puss" next to glutton's bay. The food's just alright but certainly did enjoy the company. Left around 11pm to head back to NTU

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