Monday, March 10, 2008

The Beginning of A New Dawn..

No, the title doesn't apply to me, but to the country where I was born and bred. It was the general elections on 8 March 2008 (Saturday) and as a *coughs*responsible*coughs* citizen, I followed the elections very closely on that day. I wasn’t really into politics in that detail until I was influenced by Boon Jin where he constantly updates me about our scandalous government with articles from and, not to mention various videos from youtube.

Hence, I started camping in my room and thank God for the 2GB of RAM that I bought the previous night from the IT Show. I was watching Channel News Asia from my TV Tuner, getting updates from MalaysiaKini and lowyat forum, chat rooms on Malaysia General elections in IRC, and various chat rooms on my MSN. (all those uses up about 1.4GB of memory page among other applications)

It really is about time for the people of our nation to stand up to themselves to shake off BN in their complacency, as what Yvonne said. It was the most exciting general elections ever especially after the counting of votes started at 1900hrs. It was exhilarating to hear that the opposition has won over Penang and later on, Kedah, Selangor and Perak. BN was initially so confident that they will win Kelantan but lost in a landslide over the current ruling PAS in that state.

Some might argue that the new coalition may turn out to be as bad as or may be even worse! But it’s better to have a change than to know that if BN wins their 2/3, they will continue on their corruption and its negligence to the people. At least, there is a hope and a possibility for a better change to our country. Maybe in time, Malaysia might surpass Singapore…?


Von said...

Eh? Yvonne as in me la rite? I really said that? Haha... Cool. 1st time in my life, I was quoted. Bangganya =)

Gabriel said...

yup.. that's you..

damn it..i shld have plagiarised what you said and claim it as my own..