Monday, March 31, 2008

A Photography Experience.

Alkaff Mansion

This is not the "I've taken a magnificent piece of art!" or "This place is stupendous!" but it's a new part of life that I'm currently enjoying and glad that I've taken the plunge into.
Apart from the normal hobby-ist where I was able to snap pictures; appreciate nature more; see things at different angles and persepctive, I was also able to meet new people; make new friends; explore new places; getting myself to be on TV

It all started from a gathering/meetup for the photographers from west side of Singapore initiated by danielskl and SKYimage (both are nicks) from the ClubSnap forum and I decided, what the heck.. just join for the fun of it. At that time, there were just a few of us and eventually, the few of us became the 'active' members. Led by danielskl, there was Cr3nk,strins and myself. Our first 'outing' was a night shoot at Jurong Hill where daniel drove us up to Jurong Hill where we take scenaries shot from there and he brought a couple bottles of beer. Then, our next few outings were to the Matsuri Cosplay @ Vivo and to Haw Par Villa. Apart from that group, I also joined the "Tang Shooters" and went to Alkaff Mansion and Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. The coming outing is to Pulau Ubin and a lot of other tentative areas too!
When people shares a common interest, they tend to be friendlier despite the age and statute differences. Some are as old as 40s-60s and the young ones are from 19-24.

It was fun nevertheless just to meet new people and to explore new places. Who knows, may be down the road, they would still stick around.. =)

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Wonderful Sunday

After a full day of elections, it’s time for my mind to wander back to Singapore. I was basically out 30min after I woke up and came back 12 hours and 30 minutes after that. Maybe it’s a celebration for the outcome of the General Elections.

I left hall at 10am to go to Tiong Bahru in an attempt to try the Wow Wow West Western Food with my gf along with yong ren, pei yin, wai teng and gang. When we reached there, the stall was closed! But we ate at the food court nevertheless and tried other things offered there. I ordered a Lotus Leaf Chicken Rice for $2.80 which was just so-so. Not too bad but not very good either.

Lotus Leaf Chicken Rice
The Lotus Leaf Chicken Rice

I also ordered a Bo Bo Cha Cha for desserts after a failed attempt to get Tau Fu Fah (it was sold out at 2 different stalls). It's the first time eating an iced bo bo cha cha

Bor Bor Cha Cha
Iced Bo Bo Cha Cha

I even got try the the carrot cake that my girlfriend ordered which was actually quite good and we ordered a wantan mee from the stall in front of us to be shared among us cause we saw lots of people ordering from them.

Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake

Wantan Mee
Wan Tan Mee

After lunch, we went to catch a movie in Tiong Bahru Plaza. My girlfriend and I watched Water Horse, the Legend of the Deep which was basically something like Free Willy, just that, Free Willy was better. But it wasn't that bad though. It was quite alright. The rest of the people watched 10,000 B.C. instead and they thought it was just so-so too...

Yin Sin and I departed with the rest of the people as they wanted to go back but we have dinner plans later on with Elaine and gang. Initially, we wanted to eat at Shokudo at Raffles City but they denied our reservation as the crowd was too big on weekends after 6pm. So, we end up having dinner at Botak Jones at Clementi instead.

During the waiting time, we decided to get donuts from Donut Factory at Raffles City. It was partly because Ya Ying requested Yin Sin to get donuts from JP on the way back. I was expecting a very long queue there but surprisingly, it wasn't long at all. Could be due to another major competitor from J & Co just a few stalls away. Anyway, we bought our 12 assorted donuts in a box for $11.

Donut Factory

There was a leak from the apple cinnamon donut cause the box was tilted while i was carrying it. *sigh* We ate one of the leaked apple cinnamon at a resting area while waiting...

Dinner at Botak Jones was awesome. Partly, it was the good food and another part, was the company together with me. It's always very funny and enjoyable with them and most of the time, we'll all be laughing till our eyes shed tears. The hearty laughters would give me a stomach ache too.... hahah..

For the food, I ordered Rosemary Lamb Chop (300gm) and on the table, there was the all famous Fish and Chips, Botak Burger and Thai Chicken Burger. We didn't order the Cajun Chicken cause they were out of stock and we had to wait 30min or so if we were to order them. Anyway, botak jones's menu is very funny. The comments that they make. There was one entry where there was this Swanky Franky Sausage and its description would say, "The food is named after a guy called swanky franky. He was a hot dog wrapped in bacon ......." *laughs out loud*
We spent the rest of the night chatting and laughing all the way till 10 plus from our initial meet up at 645pm at clementi station.

Thai Burger
Thai Chicken Burger

Fish & Chips
Large Fish and Chips

Rosemary Lamb Chop (300gm)
Rosemary Lamb Chop

The Botak Burger
The Botak Burger

A very light-heartening day it was... It's just all to prepare me to endure another long week of mundane routines and a long week of work.. Monday Blues, anyone?

The Beginning of A New Dawn..

No, the title doesn't apply to me, but to the country where I was born and bred. It was the general elections on 8 March 2008 (Saturday) and as a *coughs*responsible*coughs* citizen, I followed the elections very closely on that day. I wasn’t really into politics in that detail until I was influenced by Boon Jin where he constantly updates me about our scandalous government with articles from and, not to mention various videos from youtube.

Hence, I started camping in my room and thank God for the 2GB of RAM that I bought the previous night from the IT Show. I was watching Channel News Asia from my TV Tuner, getting updates from MalaysiaKini and lowyat forum, chat rooms on Malaysia General elections in IRC, and various chat rooms on my MSN. (all those uses up about 1.4GB of memory page among other applications)

It really is about time for the people of our nation to stand up to themselves to shake off BN in their complacency, as what Yvonne said. It was the most exciting general elections ever especially after the counting of votes started at 1900hrs. It was exhilarating to hear that the opposition has won over Penang and later on, Kedah, Selangor and Perak. BN was initially so confident that they will win Kelantan but lost in a landslide over the current ruling PAS in that state.

Some might argue that the new coalition may turn out to be as bad as or may be even worse! But it’s better to have a change than to know that if BN wins their 2/3, they will continue on their corruption and its negligence to the people. At least, there is a hope and a possibility for a better change to our country. Maybe in time, Malaysia might surpass Singapore…?

Saturday, March 08, 2008

IT Show 2008

Was at the IT Show last night and it wasn't as crowded as I imagined it would be. It was crowded, no doubt but at least I could still walk into a direction that I want. Unlike a situation last time where I have to follow the flow of the crowd and if I would want to turn back, It'll probably cause havoc and traffic jam

Anyway, I've bought 2x Kingston 1GB PC5300 DDR 667 RAM for $28.50 each and a $15 Notebook Cooler.

Was so tempted to get a 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor. The cheapest offer is from ViewSonic for $339.. Second best would be Acer's for $359. Reason for not getting at the moment is that I still don't have a use for it just yet since I'll be working during the day and will be busy during the night.

Oh well, maybe next sem, during the August PC Show? Shall see how fate brings me to it

Monday, March 03, 2008

Movie Marathon

I spent my entire sunday watching shows.. It's been a long time since I watched anything this long since after I started my attachment. And yesterday was one of the rare days that I was able to spend time with movies from my hard disk. So, what have I achieved? I've finally completed watching season 3 of prison break.. and i started a few episodes of Gossip Girls. (yes, I actually watch gossip girls)

Was quite satisfied with the season finale of prison break. It's all good... and we can probably see that Michael Schofield will have to go back to Sona to get the 'birds book' from T-Bag, the new ruler of Sona Prison. And I still think James Whistler (or Gary Miller) is actually the head of this company, or at least someone big.

Many would say Gossip Girls is some chick show and I'm kind of in that group; but surprisingly, I'm actually enjoying the show. It's probably because there are a couple of hot chicks in the show, the story line is not too corny and I kind of enjoy the language that they use given the fact that I'm actually deprived of English-based resources in my current life, and the "elite-group from the east side of Manhattan" would use witty humour and sarcasm. Nevertheless, it's a new source of entertainment for me. =)

A Close Shave

There were a few things going on last Friday and it wasn't really a breather for me.
Morning was great as I took 'leave' since I have to be back NTU for a final year option talk from 2pm till 530pm, and then I was supposed to meet elaine they all for dinner at vivo before going for ntu choir concert, the cantemus

The night before, I played "Risk" with Elaine, Zhi Sin, Wai Seng, De Zien, Lai Fai and my gf at block 3C Tv lounge. And the very next morning, I had to wake up at 800am cause I have a survey to do at south spine at 9am which pays me $5 for doing so.
I was done by 930am and installed some softwares in my comp since i reformatted my laptop the night before.

By 12pm, I had lunch with ying sin, CK and my gf. Then, we agreed to attend the lecture at 230pm, just in time for the briefing on computer engineering and various electronic specializations at 3pm. Yea, so.. what's this close shave

I was to meet up with wai seng they all at boon lay at 5pm; so, i decided to leave at 430pm from south spine. While walking to the bus stop, I realized I didn't have my concession card with me, along with other cards (IC, ATM Card, matric card, etc.) Normally, I would never forget to bring such thing. So, I assumed i was forgetful and thought that I've left it in my room. So, I walked all the way from LKC back to Hall 13 (through the south spine, the auditorium, north spine, NIE and finally back to hall) only to find out that my cards aren't there either! I kind of panicked afraid that I dropped it somewhere.
In the end, something struck me. I called boon jin to help me check whether I dropped my cards in LKC at my seat. To my relief, he said it was there... By then, it was already 5pm. So, I had to walk all the way back from hall 13 to LKC again (from hall, thru NIE, thru north spine, thru auditorium and thru south spine) to get my cards from him... Was surely an intensive exercise for me..

So, I was 30min late when i reached boon lay. We didn't make it for dinner at vivo as elaine they all have started eating at sushi tei at 4 smtg. So, we went to raffles place instead for dinner. We ended up in The Asian Kitchen where we ate noodles and fried rice and it costs us about $10-$15 on average (incl. GST)

We rendezvous ourselves at Raffles Place MRT at 7pm to walk over to Victoria Concert Hall. The choir concert was not bad at all.. Got to see teng seng perform and he was sort of the 'lead actor' for the 2nd half. His expression is really priceless... So cheesy and 'eew'-ey.. lol
Anyway, it was all good..

Went to esplanade for supper after that for a hamburger meal. It's some place called "something puss" next to glutton's bay. The food's just alright but certainly did enjoy the company. Left around 11pm to head back to NTU