Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008!!

This year round, the Chinese new year holiday is rather short. I only have the 30th (wed), chor 1 to chor 3 and will be going back on chor 4 (sunday).

I managed to get a one day break on Wednesday and went back Ipoh on Tuesday night. By the time I reached Ipoh, everyone was already back for CNY. It was great to be with my family again. It's only times like this that we can see everyone gathered together for some quality family time.Oh, and Marielle is very naughty now. She likes the attention of ppl and keep on performing and doing silly things for us to see!

Marielle holding a mandarin orange

We had lunch and dinner together at home with more than abundant food. There's steamed chicken, duck, roast pork, fish, all sorts of vege, etc. It was great to have everyone sitting together chatting, laughing and pointing at each other when it's time to clean up the things.. hehe..

Reunion Dinner

Reunion Dinner
Reunion Dinner
Reunion Dinner

Chor 1 is pretty much the same every year, except that we don't need to rush to go up to Tapah anymore since Ku Ma and her family won't be going down this year. So, we had our usual 'preparation', tea ceremony, family portraits, visiting neighbours and blowking off the fire crackers before going out of the house.

Tea Ceremony


We only went to Tapah at about 1pm this year, compared to 12pm the previous years and my dad grumbled all of us for being late.. Said something bout 'no need to rush, but never said be late'.

Family Portrait

Anyway, Tapah was rather quieter this year and not so warm. It's been quieter since the death of my eldest uncle but it was still great that there are some who actually do still come back to meet up instead of doing their own things since my eldest uncle isn't around anymore. Then, we went to 2nd eldest uncle's place where i had a very nice 'choi kiok' (vege leg [direct translation]) before going to my eldest auntie's place. Then, my parents and my sister went to Kampar to visit "tai ko ko" (my kai ma's eldest son) in which we haven't seen them for like 6 years or so. It was great to see them healthy and living comfortably.
At night, I was left alone in the house cause my parents went out for dinner with my uncles and aunties and my other siblings have their own plans. Nevertheless, I first went to Jill's house with yee hui where we watched "devil wears prada" for a while, and then met up with chee lim and choon may at some mamak stall near choon may's house.

Chor 2 was half family day and half friends day. Spent the morning and lunch at home while waiting for the arrival of my eldest sister's family from BM and my 2nd sister's husband. We had late lunch at about 2pm and I managed to get to Jo's house down my street at 3 plus. There, she served us english tea (too bad there weren't any scones), played tai di and then Jo took out a game of trivia from 1984 Britian edition. Trivia's itself is already hard. Imagine playing it from a generation older. Eventually, it became a game of guessing where we try to give hints about the specific words itself. It was another whole sort of fun altogether.
I went back home just in time for my family's reunion dinner at Mun Chong, Pasir Putih. My family was separated into 2 tables cause one table just won't fit all of us. So, it was half the fun as we don't get to sit together and to make things worse, the food wasn't very nice at all.
At about 9pm, I went back home to play a few rounds of fireworks at home. It's almost like a tradition to play fireworks on chor 2 night with my nephews and nieces and in the previous years, in chee lim's house.



Well, I still did go to chee lim's house after that but it wasn't one big friends gathering.
There were just a few of us namely becky, chee lim, choon may, jill, yee hui, anand, benedict chong, ming luen and myself.

All of us at chee lim's house

We chatted, played a few rounds of black jack where Ben won all our money (again) and since i brought my DSLR there, the girls happily camwhored and took one whole bunch of pictures of ourselves.

Us playing BlackJack

Me, Ben and the girls

The session started about 1030pm and by 1-2am, becky had to go back. But being us and we didn't want the night to end so early, jill, chee lim and I followed choon may to send of rebecca home and came back to chee lim's house again to play mahjong~!! It was a very long time since we had a joyride together. It was fun, but not as crazy as how we were last time. Ming Luen followed us to becky's house in the car and we eventually dragged yee hui out from his house again to chee lim's place. We just played mahjong all the way till 5am~!! It was mainly yee hui's fault though as he just started learning and got addicted to ghe game and refused to go home.

Teaching yee hui how to play mahjong

Chor 3. The final day of spending the remaining of my cny holidays. Woke up late in the morning to realize that I have to follow my mum down to Kuala Kangsar to visit her side of the family. There were me, grace, rosemary, marielle, annie and ashley, my mom and dad. We left home at about 1245pm, reached KK at 115pm where we went to my mum's eldest bro's house first. It was quite cosy there. Marielle was high when she was given a banana to eat. Apparently, she likes banana a lot and was dancing on her feet around the house. Then, we left to my mom's 2nd eldest brother's house to have our lunch there. Actually, I really didn't enjoy going there for the first few years as everyone was speaking mandarin over that side and i've no idea what's going on... but this year, it was better thanks to trainings back in NTU. hehz..
Anyway, we left KK at about 330pm and I was an hour late to meet up with shake, delicia and amy at Jusco. I reached there at 5pm and I was quite proud of myself to avoid the traffic at jusco area in which i parked my car opposite jusco at Courts parking lot. Did some catching up at the food court and decided to have dinner together to eat nga choi kai in town while amy went back home. Again, there were so many ppl there but managed to get a place nevertheless.
I managed to rush back home at 8 plus where yee hui they all are supposed to come to my house at 830pm. In the end, Jill and Carol came at about 915pm and yee hui came about 930pm while chee lim decided not to come due to traffic conditions. Carol left early to meet up with Susan Leong at Sincero (apparently the new happening place in Ipoh) while the three of us were in my house playing mahjong.
Then Choon May called to ask us to go there faster as we're supposed to go there after 8pm and it was about 1030pm, i guess. So, we left for choon may's house where we met chee lim (of course) and kevin khoo there. We camwhored over at choon may's house again. Basically, we just ate and camwhored and chatted a bit.

Throwing oranges

We left earlier this time round as jill was to leave ipoh at 730am the next day, chee lim have to go 'pai san' at 7 plus in the morning also and I have my bus back to sg at 930am. So, we left at about 1am plus. Oh, was supposed to meet up with euwen too but he was at his friend's place at pasir putih.. so, couldn't crash his house.

Chor 4. 930am bus back to NTU with eng sue. Slept the entire journey....

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