Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A whole new year

I came back to Singapore on the evening of new year's eve to celebrate new year's together with a few of my friends.

We had bbq dinner with booze and monopoly! By the time i reached Singapore, it was almost 6pm. So, I went back hall.. Collected my Crumpler Bag at 730pm and was at hall 9 for the bbq at 8pm.

There were lots of different food; bacon, ham, sausages, chicken wings, toufu, marshmallows, etc. It's a cosy and warm gathering with elaine lee, zhi sin, wai seng, shaun, alson, jane and her boyfriend. (yin sin was having steamboat with her friends at hall 6) We just ate, talked, drank, watched tv and played monopoly. Well, at least.. they did..

We counted down together with a live telecast on tv from Vivocity with sprays and vodka shots with shaun as our bartender. It was fun but too bad, I didn't stay up the entire night like that did as I had to meet someone to collect my 400D camera at noon.

ps: this is just a brief log to what happened for new year 2008. Can see more pics and probably read more from here

The group

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