Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Resurrected Hobby: "Photography"

When I was in lower 6, I joined the Michaelian Photography Club and at that time, I just found a new interest. Unfortunately, to take up photography as a hobby is very costly. If you only use those compact point & shoot cameras, you can't really do much with the composition.

And now, it has been revived~! It was triggered by my friend, Kwan Hui who told me he wanted to buy a DSLR. I was surprised to hear him say that cause it really is very costly. Then, he told me the obvious; "Go get a 2nd hand la"...

After much consideration and the destruction of the Canon Powershot A80 digital camera, I decided to get one for myself too. At a price of $850, I managed to get a 2nd hand Canon EOS 400D Camera with the kit lens and other accessories which includes a remote shutter, UV filters and polarizers, rubber hoods, extra batteries, EF Lens Work III Book, etc.
Because of that, I had to buy something to carry the camera around and from a Singapore Photography Forum, ClubSnap, I managed to get a 2nd hand camera bag.

The Crumpler 6 Millon Dollar Home for $90

Went for a 'photo shootout' today with kwan hui inside NTU. "Explored" the Nanyang Lake, Chinese Heritage Centre and Yunnan Garden. The pictures are quite good for me now although it's only just the basic kit lens.

Yay to a new hobby! =)

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