Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dinner @ Maxwell Food Centre

Last week, Elaine and I was chatting bout food and finally decided to go to the Maxwell Food Centre to eat since it has very good reviews from and other sources as well. So, we planned ahead to come to this place to eat today!

Maxwell Food Centre

So, here we are on a Saturday evening where we (De Zien, Wai Seng and I) walked from Tanjog Pagar MRT Station along Maxwell road to this place. From outside, it looks like any other hawker centres but inside, it's packed with people even at 6 plus in the evening!

We searched high and low for a place to sit and ironically, Elaine and Zhi Sin found a place first when they came about 15min late!!
Anyway, we started for our food hunt. One easy way to know whether which stall is good is to look at the queue. The longer the queue, the nicer the food.

Me Queuing for the Fish Slice Bee Hoon

That's me in orange queuing for the fish sliced bee hoon. And voila~! Here it is

Fish Slice Bee Hoon
The soup is terrifically superbly delectable~!! I think it's even better than the XO Fish Head Soup.

While I'm queuing for this, the rest queued for other things as well. There's the

Mango Pudding
Mango Pudding

Declicious Fish Porridge
Century Egg Porridge (also another delicious dish)

Sweet Char Koay Teow
Char Koay Teow
Didn't really like it cause it's sweet. I prefer the Penang Char Koay Teow better

Tian Tian Chicken Rice
The all famous Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice
(it's as good as the one in Ipoh)

Ho Jian
Ho Jian (oyster omellete)

And i also ordered a Tau Fu Fah and also fry-it-yourself ham chin peng~!

Me with Ham Chin Peng

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My first 2-0-0-8 angpau

I’m beginning to enjoy my attachment in Agilent Technologies. The usual own PC, sports facilities, coffee machines, yada yada.... My supervisor is a very nice person in the sense that, he doesn’t give us work pressure (we have to request work from him actually) for we’re actually very efficient when given work to do. And we took 3 DAYS to write our 2-week logbook entry!! Anyway, back to the main topic.

I received this email today.


Distribution of CNY Goodies/Oranges by SMT Team between 2.30-3.00pm +/-


Hi All,

Just as a note...., the SMT team will be coming over to our areas around 2.30-3.00pm (estimated) to distribute the annual regular CNY oranges/ang pow to all staff, hence would appreciate if u can make it a point to be available at your station during this time if possible.

LOL. How nice of them. Anyway, at about 2.53pm.. a whole bunch of people with trolleys loaded with red/orange paper bags came into the office. A man then came up to me holding one of those orange bags with 9 koi fishes with the words “Gong Xi Fa Cai” outside the package.

What’s inside?

2 mandarin oranges + 1 red angpau with a $2 note inside.

Yay!! My very first ang pau in SGD. Of all the places to be getting them.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Industrial Attachment @ Agilent Technologies (Yishun)

Every engineering student in NTU will have to go through a hands-on course called the Industrial Attachment (IA) or simply, internship. For my IA, we have to undergo 22 weeks in a company that will be hiring us. Mine is Agilent Technologies.

As of today, it is still my first week of work (day 4 to be exact) and turns out that the company that I'm attached to is not bad at all. The facilities and infrastructure is quite good. We have our own tags/passes, an in-house cafeteria and food court, a gym, basketball court, tennis court, futsal court, pool table and foosball table. In terms of food availability, we have a a vast variety of food courts/hawker centres within 10 minutes walk and the price is within $2-$5 range. We even have a wet market where we can purchase our basic everyday needs.
Oh, we even have our own cubicle, our own phone, our own email and our own computer! We could online, install applications and surf the Internet. hahah.. For the first week, it's mainly reading and researching about a device called FrameScope Pro and hence, we could surf the Internet as a source of information.

Our pantry is well equipped too with a free for all drink dispenser (a variety of hot drinks such as milo, teh tarik, cappucino, nescafe, etc.) They also provide a fridge for us and surprisingly, no one ever steals anything! We even found a few pints of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream! So tempted to eat them.. lol.

Now, am planning to beautify my cubicle workspace. Planning to put some fake plants (no need to upkeep), photos, calendars, table clock, food storage, mugs and stationaries. What else can I include?

Probably the downside here is the work culture. Because my department is mainly R&D, everyone's pretty serious and quiet. Very little talking and the sound of my keyboard is actually relatively quite loud. Luckily there's boon jin in my department and we could at least discuss stuffs on our work related things and of course, non-work ones. lol... Also have another friend, Sheng Qiao, from a different department, but we're on the same level. So we normally have lunch together outside.

Generally, it's quite good apart from the long travelling hours. Hope I could survive the 22 weeks here humanely.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Resurrected Hobby: "Photography"

When I was in lower 6, I joined the Michaelian Photography Club and at that time, I just found a new interest. Unfortunately, to take up photography as a hobby is very costly. If you only use those compact point & shoot cameras, you can't really do much with the composition.

And now, it has been revived~! It was triggered by my friend, Kwan Hui who told me he wanted to buy a DSLR. I was surprised to hear him say that cause it really is very costly. Then, he told me the obvious; "Go get a 2nd hand la"...

After much consideration and the destruction of the Canon Powershot A80 digital camera, I decided to get one for myself too. At a price of $850, I managed to get a 2nd hand Canon EOS 400D Camera with the kit lens and other accessories which includes a remote shutter, UV filters and polarizers, rubber hoods, extra batteries, EF Lens Work III Book, etc.
Because of that, I had to buy something to carry the camera around and from a Singapore Photography Forum, ClubSnap, I managed to get a 2nd hand camera bag.

The Crumpler 6 Millon Dollar Home for $90

Went for a 'photo shootout' today with kwan hui inside NTU. "Explored" the Nanyang Lake, Chinese Heritage Centre and Yunnan Garden. The pictures are quite good for me now although it's only just the basic kit lens.

Yay to a new hobby! =)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A whole new year

I came back to Singapore on the evening of new year's eve to celebrate new year's together with a few of my friends.

We had bbq dinner with booze and monopoly! By the time i reached Singapore, it was almost 6pm. So, I went back hall.. Collected my Crumpler Bag at 730pm and was at hall 9 for the bbq at 8pm.

There were lots of different food; bacon, ham, sausages, chicken wings, toufu, marshmallows, etc. It's a cosy and warm gathering with elaine lee, zhi sin, wai seng, shaun, alson, jane and her boyfriend. (yin sin was having steamboat with her friends at hall 6) We just ate, talked, drank, watched tv and played monopoly. Well, at least.. they did..

We counted down together with a live telecast on tv from Vivocity with sprays and vodka shots with shaun as our bartender. It was fun but too bad, I didn't stay up the entire night like that did as I had to meet someone to collect my 400D camera at noon.

ps: this is just a brief log to what happened for new year 2008. Can see more pics and probably read more from here

The group