Monday, December 10, 2007

Malacca Family Trip

Have been staying in Singapore for a week to do my Christmas Shopping and of course, to also wait for the weekend to meet up with my family straight in Malacca. And since I'll be leaving from Singapore, I wouldn't want to travel alone and found some company to teman me back instead; Elaine.

I left Singapore on Friday with Elaine and Zhi Sin to meet up with ZS's parents in JB cause will be staying the night with him. His parents treat us for dinner in some chinese restaurant and we stayed up till 4am playing monopoly and fairy godmother tycoon.

The following morning, we woke up at 8 plus for breakfast and our trip to Malacca. We didn't sleep the entire journey. Instead, we played alphabet games, situational games and story-making games where 3 of us will think of a beginning, a middle story and an ending, and we're supposed to join the phrases up to make a story. =)

Anyway, we reached Malacca at about noon where I waited for my family to pick me up from Jongker Street. After Elaine had her lunch with ZS's family, I reunited with my family at the chicken ball rice shop. Then, my sisters wanted to shop around for clothes and food.

We reached the A Famosa Resort in the evening and found myself in a bungalow with our own personal swimming pool!!! It's a honeymoon suite and our pool is walled up. =)
We played in the swimming pool not long after we're there where my 3 nieces are enjoying the time of their life there splashing around.

At night, we went for the Cowboy Town Show where it costs us RM30 per person. The show comprises if animal parades, some red indian performance and a fireworks display. It wasn't that bad but it's still damn pricey for RM30. Not only that, we still have to pay for other individual rides after we paid the RM30 to enter the place. Anyhow, I rode on the "rodeo" and played the trampoline. I slept relatively early that night cause I didn't sleep much the night before.

The next morning, we went for the in house breakfast. It was by far the worst in-house breakfast i ever had. Firstly, we HAVE to pay for the parking fee to get there. Then, the breakfast wasn't buffet style and each of us have a coupon which entitles us to one main dish, ONE drink and ONE dessert. So, if after we finished our cup of coffee, we can't refill them. Heck, even the dessert, there's only ONE miserable choice for us, which was watermelon. Luckily, the watermelon was nice. And for our main dish, we have 3 choices of porridge, nasi lemak and western. Western only had one egg, one sausage, red beans and toast bread. *sweatz* But the nasi lemak ain't too bad. Quite a big portion. Oh, and all of us have to queue up to collect our food. It's like those "beggars" lining up in a very long line for "free food". =/

After we returned, we wanted to play the paintball but it was booked till 2pm and we had to checkout by 1pm. Instead, we spent the rest of the morning in the pool outside the house. It was insanely fun. Me, my brother, Jessie and my 2 sisters played water cannonball. We even had cat fights where me and my brother would carry a person on our shoulder and see who would fall first. It was damn fun.

Unfortunately, it all had to end. We went back to Malacca town for lunch and the traffic in Malacca was terrible. Everything is moving like a snail. We did some shopping there again and left in mid afternoon. On the way back to KL, we out of the blue decided to detour to Port Dickson. Albeit a short tour, it was quite fun as the kids were playing at the beach and we get to enjoy the beauty of sunset there. Took our dinner in PD and went back to KL right after that.

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