Monday, November 05, 2007

An evening with Rockapella

About a month ago, I was surfing the web and saw this event, where Rockapella is coming to Singapore! Since i always wanted to go for such events and I never really got the chance to go previously (as it normally clashes with exams or school holidays), I took this opportunity and purchased 2 tickets for the show (with my gf)

And hence, for the first time, I was in Esplande Concert Hall, to see right in front of my face, stars of the music world. The performance was splendid! They're very entertaining, good show skills. They danced, they sing, they tell jokes... lolz.

The entire show was 2 and a half hours long! (including approx 15min interval time) By right, it should be less than 2 hours... but there were so many encores... and they even performed 2 christmas carols!!! Silver Bells (personal favourite) and Santa Claus is coming to town (another fav of mine).

Jeff Thacher, the vocal percussionist was really impressive. I could hear him from the 4th floor loud and clear without him using his mic~! The 'bass' sounds from his vocal chords. They even grabbed a girl from the crowd, and 'sang' for her.... They even tried to 'fight against each other' to have her through singing! Lucky girl... getting all the attention. She even got a free CD because of that.

Nevertheless, I certainly enjoyed myself. After the concert, I was actually crazy enough to buy their CD at $28 a piece! There were 4-5 Cds for me to choose from, and I chose "Comfort and Joy", a Christmas compilation!!! How could I resist a Christmas compilation?? And best of all, I have not heard most the songs inside the CD! Later, I got the Rockapella singers to autograph the CD.

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And the following shows my girlfriend getting their autographs for me.

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Another picture of them.....

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√Éngelu§ said...

Oi, if you bought the CD then why ask ur gf to do the dirty work to get the autographs? Big bully :p

So, will you playing the autographed CD then? Cos after a few plays in the CD player the ink might rub off, heheh...

P3rSeUs said...


Oh well, I intend to rip the music to my comp (which I already did) and store the CD in my house where it'll be used to play for christmas. Anyway, since it's a Christmas CD, it'll only be played once a year... so, i guess, it's not tht bad..


ps: wasn't 'bullying' her.. we were cooperative. cause there were 2 different queues and each queue is verry loonggg... =/