Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tagged by Elaynne

I was "happily" watching my online lecture recording when Miss Elaine Lee Xiao Yin msg-ed me in msn and told me that I was tagged!
At first, i thought it was the "facebook" kind of tag where you appear in other ppl's photo and someone else recognize your face and decides to tag you. But no! It's a "blog" kind of tag and it's my first time encountering this (yeah, i'm not so much of a blog enthusiast) So, decided to play along! I like to answer mind-boggling and life-questions, by the way.

So, here goes...

Elaine's Q: You feel that you have finally found someone that you would actually consider having a future with, this is your chance!! But your afraid that you might be wrong about it. What would you do?

So, if I really start a relationship with that person and in the worst case scenario, I break her heart, or she breaks mine. Especially if we're currently best friends and doing so may end up losing the best friend you will ever have! If I start a relationship, I will risk of losing her if everything turns bad. If i don't, she'll be my friend FOREVER! But trust me, even friends don't last forever... Well, I think problem with guys is that they tend to think of all the negative outcomes first..

What's life without risk! My answer: I'd go for it! Even if it may end badly, I'll make the journey to be as memorable as possible. After all, it's better to love and lost than to never love at all. In addition, if I didn't try, I may end up thinking "if only I started with that girl, how would my life go?" and my life will have more of the "what ifs" and probably more regrets.

So, that's the end of it.
Oh, and there's a rule to tis game:
The instruction was :
*quote* I'll tag you a question which you'll answer on your blog, and then you create your own uestion and tag it on to someone else. *unquote*

But what the heck, rules are meant to be broken. I don't even know who reads my blog for a start. I'll probably leave it to some other time, when I really need a question answered.



Elaynne said...

Hahahahah must put my full name ar.. hahahahahahah

Wow... I like ur answer *smiless**

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