Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Exam Welfare Package~!

Towards the end of each semester, it'll be the time for mugging, people camping in libraries, people eating too much cause they are stressed out from studying..

But one thing that i actually enjoy is the EXAM WELFARE PACKAGE~!!
Let me give you a look at how NTU takes care of their student's welfare.

For my school of EEE, they are giving away free McSpicy during lunch time~!!

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Also, my hall, Hall 13's welfare and bizmag actually did a very great job with this year's Exam Welfare Package~!
They gave out free KFCs which consists of a piece chicken and a burger, and a goodie bag filled with good stuff~!!

Contents in the Goodie Bag!!

Hall 13 Exam Welfare Goodie Bag
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The package~!
Hall 13 Exam Welfare
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Guess, there's another list as to why it's great to be a university student~! hehz..

ps: I now have a flickr pro account~!!! Thanks to yahoo, i've migrated my Yahoo! Photos to Flickr and they are giving me a pro account until 24th Jan 2008. But still, it's a pro account~! haha.. a bit psyched up now.. lolz Guess there's not gonna be any studying tonight


Emoless Freak said... such thing wan ar...*red eye*....unfair....

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