Saturday, October 27, 2007

22nd Birthday~!

On the first few (or negative) minutes of my birthday. Well, Yvonne first wished me at 11pm (+0800hrs) cause it was 1am in her timezone.. lol.. so, there's my early birthday wish.

Then, right when it was going to be midnight, my gf so funny... asked me to go meet her without telling me where we're going.. So, i went down my block, and found her in the tv lounge... sitting in the dark. Curious to what she was up to, i went inside.. only to find out that she's trying to make the lighter work to light up a candle attached to a small cake. hahaha... Then she was so paiseh cause she didn't know how to use the lighter (the flame from the lighter was too small)
Anyhow, celebrated my birthday with just the both of us... with her singing a birthday song to me all by herself.. haha...

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And to some other silly things that she did was.... I called her earlier to ask her where she was going, and told me that she's going to Canteen A (walking distance), at first, i bought it until i heard the EZ Link tapping sound and the door of the SBS bus closing. I told her that i heard them and she insisted that i was just imagining stuff... lolz..

Second silly thing was... she bought an ice cream cake from Jurong Point at 830pm, but she had a Buddhist Society Exam Supper at Canteen A right after that. So, the ice cream lasted without the fridge for more than 3 hours and by the time it reached me... the inside was a bit liquidy and the crust kind of cracked abit... lol...

Despite all these, it's the thought that counts... Sometimes, when silly things happen, it's quite funny also.. haha... Funny and sweet... =)

Still didn't have plans for my actual birthday. Think prolly will just study half day and go out with gf the other half.. lolz.. Guess there's no big bday celebration this year.. ^-^



Licia said...

somehow ur post sounds.. pitiful =P

come la.. i shall sing a birthday song for u also XD

happy birthday to u~
happy birthday to u~
happy birthday to gabby~~
happy birthday to u~

u gonna study on ur birthday? =S
kinda hard to believe.. @3@!

Elaynne said...

eiii... gf so sweet!! So nice..
Yaya.. its the thought that counts.. when she sing to u.. ur heart nv melt ar??? hahahahaha... must be so touched right???

EuNiCe Su PiNG said...

Aiyo~ So sweet lar...I also melted already~ Lol! Anyway, Happy 22nd!! May all your wildest dreams come true and wishing u a year full of happiness ^_^

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