Monday, September 10, 2007

State of my table

When my friends come to my room, they will normally give comments like
"woah, your table so messy!!"
"eh, you never clean your table wan ar?"
"aiyor, this gabriel ar... always so messy wan"

Anyway, here are some pictures of the current state of my table

And my friend's table (su ping), one of the people who will constantly complain bout my room... took a picture of her own version of her "messiness", and this is her masterpiece...

Su Ping's Messy Table

Can you imagine?! haha.. that's even no where to being messy...

This is what you call messy! lolz



EuNiCe Su PiNG said...

Yupe, i'm the one who will constantly 'remind' gab of the state of his table, in fact, his room as well!! Perhaps you can write one new post on the state of your room. Let us SEE the true

P3rSeUs said...

eh... my room is quite tidy okay??
haha.. the floor got alot of free space wan...
only got waste paper basket... and one bag.. =P

Licia said...

walao eh, sai choong han.. ur mom will faint at the sight of ur room!!

haha.. u seem so proud of ur room.. though its not something one would be proud of.. LOL =P

Licia said...

........exactly like a pig's barn.. XD