Monday, September 24, 2007

Mid Autumn Festival cum ONE WEEK BREAK!!

woo hoo~! it's the time of the semester again where we'll find every opportunity to go back home and to stay there for as long as possible. In conjunction with our one week semester break, we also have a mid autumn celebration inside that week! NTU's Chinese Society organized a Mid Autumn Festival in Yunnan Garden on the last day of the final week of the first half of the semester!! The Hall 8 Accapella (myself included) performed 3 songs for the event, namely "Feng Yang Ge", "Singapore Medley" and "Ye Lai Xiang".

After the performance, I had to rush back for my hall's night cycling event. We cycled to West Coast Park to celebrate our Hall's Mid Autumn Festival as well! We had all sorts of food there! Ranges from Old Chung Kee's curry puffs, sotong sticks to Mooncakes with chocolate and rum filling! We only returned to our hall at 4am. By the time i took my bath and packed my things, it's already 530am and my bus leaves Singapore at 9am.

I slept throughout the entire bus journey since i only slept for about 1 and a half hours earlier that 'morning'. The moment I reached home... I didn't expect to see so many people there.
EVERYONE was home!! [except for Grace though :( ]. From my eldest sister, Lisa to James and his gf, Jessie, Bryan and Jessie's Mom (Bryan's Nanny)
It was so yit lau at home. Reminds me of the usual festive seasons during Christmas and CNY where everyone would be back home. It was great to see everyone though, and they brought back a lot of moon cakes with them. haha.

The kids played tanglung and candles at night. Similar to what I used to play with my siblings years ago. A few will light up the candles on the floor, while one person will be frantically blowing off candles. The goal was simple, to get at least candle to remain lighted for as long as possible. Of course, it wasn't as fun as how WE used to play it. haha

But now, everyone has gone back to KL and the house was back to it's serene and quiet surrounding. It's fun to be like that in its own kind of way..


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